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10 Top-Notch {Food Trucks} at Pier 13

Choosing what to eat at Pier 13 can be overwhelming, to say the least. Check out these exceptional food truck options to eliminate all indecisiveness and prepare for your next Pier adventure.


Pizza Vita

pizza vita pier 13

Photo: Gab Cerami — @brbcookingdinner

A fan favorite. You can’t go wrong here because, well, pizza. Pizza that is prepped and beautified for you in a wood fired oven in just 90 seconds. Heaven on Earth exists.


The French Quarter

the french quarter pier 13

Photo: Krista Stucchio — @hashtagfoodpic

Mouth-watering cajun/creole cuisine while overlooking the Big Apple? An interesting, yet wonderful combination. Get a little taste of New Orleans at the purple truck. And they don’t mess around when it comes to fixings. All sandwiches are doused in lettuce, tomato, pickles and remoulade sauce.


Amanda’s Bananas

amanda banana pier 13 hoboken

Photo: Gab Cerami — @brbcookingdinner

For the times the sweltering sun is too much to handle, or you just need to cater to your sweet-tooth craving. It’s basically guilt-free ice cream because the ice cream is literally banana. Bananas = fruit, and fruit = healthy, so yes, this counts as #healthyeating. It’s also dairy free and gluten-free. WIN.


Girardi’s Kabobs

girardis kabobs

Photo: Cat Shaw

…because who doesn’t love meat on a stick? Pair that meat on a stick with stuffed fried dough and you’ve got yourself a kabob and a knish. Choose from multiple sauces to fit your cravings.


Ms. Fu’s Yummy Food Truck

ms fu's pier 13

Photo: Krista Stucchio — @hashtagfoodpic

A mix of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean and American flair. It may take a little time to receive your order, but that’s because every item is made from scratch with quality ingredients. It’s all in the details. You can’t go wrong with any item on this menu.


Dark Side of The Moo

dark side of the moo pier 13

Photo: Krista Stucchio –@hashtagfoodpic

If you’re feeling adventurous and extremely hungry, it’s time to take a trip to the “Exotic Meat Emporium.” This is not your typical menu. You’ve got your standards, but then you’ve got your not-so-standard elk, alligator, wild boar, and kangaroo. Take a trip to the dark side.



cheezen pier 13

Photo: Gab Cerami — @brbcookingdinner

There is a mac & cheese grilled cheese here, so that should be convincing enough. Oh, and you can make that a buffalo chicken or BBQ chicken mac & cheese if you’d like. These options are incredible. A must-try for sure.



lexylicious ice cream

Think of this as your gourmet ice cream sandwich destination. You can customize your own sandwich choosing from six different ice cream flavors and nearly 20 outsides (or, “buns”). Your outsides can range from cookies, to pretzels, cereal, and even potato chips. Your inner 5-year-old self is screaming for ice cream [sandwiches].


Pure Pita

pure pita pier 13

Photo: Gab Cerami — @brbcookingdinner

Definitely give this truck a try if your goal is to avoid grease and sweets. Pure Pita aims to serve health-conscious food that tastes amazing. Soup, salad, dip, tacos, pita, platters, burgers, paninis — the options are endless.


Oink & Moo BBQ

oink & moo pier 13

Photo: Gab Cerami — @brbcookingdinner

I think the photo speaks for itself…


Check out the Pier 13 food truck schedule here.

Written by Krista Stucchio

Krista moved to Hoboken at the start of 2016 and works for a digital marketing agency in NYC. She is a social media enthusiast and food fiend with a passion for photography and fashion. You can typically find her scrolling through her (two) Instagram feeds or sifting through the racks of a funky thrift store. She is inspired by anyone who can whip up a great dish or style a killer outfit. See what she’s spooning on Insta: @hashtagfoodpic.