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12 Things to Look Forward to in {Hoboken in October}

In the blink of an eye September is over, and October is here. The weather is getting breezy, the leaves are turning colors, and winter is on it’s way. In case you weren’t busy enough, here is a list of very exciting things to do in Hoboken this October!

1. International Coffee Day, October 1st


If there is one thing you are indebted to for getting you through EVERY work day, it’s COFFEE. Show your appreciation and celebrate International Coffee Day by going to your favorite shop. And, btw, pumpkin spice is back – just saying.


2. Hockey Returns, October 3rd

texas arizona hockey

The time has finally come, and hockey season is in full force. Get to your favorite bar, order your favorite drink, and kick back to watch some physical and intense hockey post puck drop.


3. Art Weekend, October 6th


Don’t miss an opportunity to relax and stroll through the Barsky Gallery of Art on 49 Harrison Street. This gallery exhibits some exceptional pieces of art by many different talented artists. So whether you’ve had an exhausting week at work or just got back from a Saturday morning workout – head on over to the Barsky Gallery to release your inner artistry!


4. Columbus Day, October 8th

Columbus Day

“In fourteen hundred ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue!” – and yes you may also get a day off of work.


5. Hoboken Food and Culture Tour, October 13th


Definitely bring your appetite and walking shoes so you can take part in the Hoboken Food Tour! Be ready to taste anything from delicious treats at Carlo’s Bake Shop to fresh mozzarella from Lisa’s Italian Deli. Find out more information here and get ready to eat!


6. 2nd Annual Hoboken Pizza Fest, October 13th


What better way to spend your Saturday than eating pizza from over 7 different vendors along with some free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and live music. Join Hoboken Happy Hours and buy your ticket to this years Pizza Fest at Our Lady of Grace Church.


7. Hoboken Harvest Festival, October 20th


Fall is finally here and you know what that means…hay rides, hay maze, face painting, pumpkin painting, and many other activities are underway. No matter what age you are, bring your friends and embrace the fall spirit on Pier A for the Hoboken Harvest Festival.


8. Oktoberfest @ Pilsener Haus


Don’t miss out on the last day of Oktoberfest where you can enjoy over 20 premium draft biers, over 50 European and American craft biers and of course the mouth-watering, huge Bavarian pretzels. Plus, we’re all German once you step in the ‘garten!


9. Hoboken House Tour, October 21st

Hoboken street

Are you ready to take a walk-through some of the most beautiful and traditional houses in Hoboken? With a wide variety of styles, take a glance at approximately 10 different homes and condominiums in this 32nd Annual Hoboken House Tour.


10. HoBOOken 5K Run to End Homelessness, October 27th

HoBOOken 5K

Taking place on Saturday, October 27th, this year’s HoBOOken 5K kicks off at 10am, and then a Kids Scary Scurry at 11am for the little kids in partnership with Little Hoboken.


11. HHH Back to Hoboken Bar Crawl, October 27th

bth12_green rock group

13 years strong of celebrating your return back to Hoboken! Be sure to crawl with the Hoboken Happy Hour team and your squad of friends from bar to bar as you prepare for Halloweekend! Will you make it to the end? Let’s be honest, few ever do.


12. Halloween

hhh halloween pizza

Halloween is back and this picture says it all! Stay tuned for a comprehensive Halloween Party guide to come. Get your costumes on!

Written by Shayna McCarthy

Shayna just recently got back from an amazing trip to Dubai and Armenia with her family. From having dinner at the top of the Burj Khalifa to celebrating Armenia Independence Day, she had the time of her life! Still jet-lag, she is incredibly excited to be back in Hoboken and partake in all the fun things coming up in October. Did she mention she’s also a die hard Rangers fan? Whether in her living room, at a bar, or even in class, find her watching her boys pass that puck. Yes, she knows, it’s rebuilding season.