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15 Ways to {Stay Busy in Hoboken} During “Coronatine”

Sick of being stuck at home in your small Hoboken apartment? Sad about the COVID-19 regularions across Hoboken and the State of NJ? Here are some ways to cope that we find helpful ourselves.

1. Read

1. Read It

Start that book you’ve been wanting to start. If you don’t physically have it – find it on @audible and listen to the audio book.

2. Cook


Work your way through that cookbook on your shelf. Now is the best time to spend more time mastering some new recipes to help you meal prep in the future.

3. Sweat

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Don’t forget to keep your exercise routine going! Although gyms may be closed, there are plenty of classes being offered online and many at-home routines you can do. Staying active is key to conquering this quarantine. If you are looking for live streaming workouts – follow @kennysantucci for some great classes and at-home routines.

4. Drink

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Don’t let this quarantine stop you from hitting happy hour with your friends. Make it virtual! There are plenty of applications (like FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and Zoom) that make it super easy to still enjoy friendly gatherings.

5. Order In

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Support your local businesses! It is definitely an uncertain time out there in the world, but we are grateful for our local businesses and those that run them. In collaboration with the Hoboken Hospitality Alliancehere is our guide to restaurants open for takeout and/or delivery during Hoboken and New Jersey’s mandatory “stay-at-home” order. We recommend ordering via each restaurant’s website or by calling them directly, as third-party delivery services often charge restaurants extra fees.

6. Clean


Spring cleaning is right around the corner. Use this time at home to tackle that junk drawer, organizing your closet, and deep-cleaning that pantry! You know it needs it 😉 And if you need ideas on how to organize – watch the Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”.

7. Learn



Learn that language you have ALWAYS wanted to learn. Whether you spend a few hours or just a half-hour a day – now is the time to finally add that language to your talents.

8. Open Up


Make sure you get fresh air everyday. Open your windows and let the breeze go through your apartment. Getting that fresh air can really brighten your day!

9. TikTok



Make a TikTok  – I mean why not right ? This could be your chance to chase that fame you always wanted.

10. Indulge

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Don’t forget to treat yo’self. No need to go crazy but indulge a little. If you want to break your diet a bit, do it. If you want that glass of wine, do it.

11. Mix

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Channel your inner bartender – and get creative! This is your chance to try new things and create your own cocktail list.

Pictured: Nespresso, simple syrup and Bouvery CV (@bouverycv) chocolate liquor which is a new brand founded by three Brothers locally in North Jersey, and they are delivering to Hoboken.

12. Meditate

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Staying in one place for an extended period of time can be a lot to handle. Make sure you take time to yourself – try a meditation, a new virtual yoga/pilates class or just spend a few minutes in peace collecting your thoughts and clearing your mind.

13. Make It Up


If you’re into experimenting with makeup, now is the time to master some new looks. Try something new and creative and if you don’t know how to do your makeup – watch some YouTube videos. It is the best time to learn!

14. Watch


Start that show or watch that movie that has been on your list for years (if you haven’t already).

15. Chat


Video chat with those friends you haven’t spoken to recently (and their pets). Spend some time each day catching up with an old friend and learning about their life. Stay connected even through this quarantine!


And before anything else – make “Schedule Sundays” a thing again. Organizing the things you want to accomplish for the week can really help you achieve all items on your task list. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay happy.

Written by Shayna McCarthy

Shayna is a Jersey Girl to the core. She grew up in Marlboro, New Jersey and has been living in Hoboken for the last 5 years. Shayna loves to stay busy, hang out with friends, visit family on the weekends and cheer on her favorite sports teams. Given this recent quarantine – she’s having a tough time doing that .. but using this time to cross some of her “to do’s” off that list she never finds time for.