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30 Thoughts You Have {While Commuting} + 4 Bonus Nightmare Stories

It’s that time of day! The time where you have to drag yourself out of bed, throw on your clothes, and head out to work. As a Hoboken resident, you’ll inevitably have the pleasure of heading to work on the dreaded lovely PATH, bus, or ferry. It’s an experience we all simply cannot avoid. And with this inevitable commute, comes the inevitable fascination and horror of the thoughts ringing through your head as you board your chosen method of transportation. Below are just 30 thoughts that likely run through your head on a regular basis…


commute path
  1. Do I really have to go to work today?
  2. Why is this bus line/PATH station always so crowded?!
  3. Why is this person walking down/up the stairs so slowly?
  5. Ok, made it to the bus/PATH/ferry entrance, now to find a seat…
  6. Why are there never any seats?
  7. I’ll just lean against the door…oh no, that lady just took my spot.
  8. Ugh, now I’m touching the pole. Probably going to get the plague now.
  9. Is it weird that I’m awkwardly standing over this person sitting? Like our legs are almost touching…
  10. At least standing burns calories?
  11. I’m too hungover for this. I wonder who else is as hungover as me.
  12. If this lady hits me with her bag one more time, punches will be thrown.
  13. Also why is it so cold on this bus/train? Don’t they realize it’s 45 degrees outside? I AM FREEZING!
  14. This stop-and-go is NOT helping my hangover.
  15. Omg, this guy’s hand just touched me. His hands are so hairy, omg omg omg, going to vom.
  16. That guy/girl over there is kind of cute though. Maybe if I awkwardly stare at them long enough, they’ll notice me.
  17. Fack, they have a ring on. Why does this always happen to me? I’m going to be single forever.
  18. How did they build the PATH tunnel underwater?
  19. Why is the sky blue?
  20. Why am I the way I am?
  21. Is that woman drooling?
  22. Omg she’s drooling on that person’s shoulder…rough day for that dude.
  23. How has it only been 5 minutes?!
  24. I need to move to LA so I can drive my own car and belt out Justin Bieber songs on my own terms.
  25. Ok, one more stop until mine. I can do this, I got this, I am a strong independent person!
  26. No, no, no! Why are you stopping, we’re almost at my stop!
  27. Finally, we’re moving again.
  28. I wish I could just open these doors with my mind.
  29. Oh shit, it worked! I’m going to quit my job and just be a mind reader. My parents will be so proud.
  30. Can’t wait to do this all over again on the way home…

Along with these daily thoughts, come some crazy stories to accompany them. These are just four interesting stories from our fellow commuters. Proceed with an open mind…


commute path


“This one time I was on the PATH holding onto a germ-plagued pole, and this lady starts bending over to check herself out in the window in front of us. At one point her mouth touched my hand, TOUCHED MY HAND. She just kind of giggled to herself and then kept checking herself out in the window…I probably have rabies or something now.”

“I’m sitting on the PATH and this guy is sitting directly across from me. He has his legs stretched out so far, he’s nearly stepping on my toes. My feet were perfectly placed in front of me too. He also looked 100% normal, nicely dressed, but maybe, probably was on drugs. It looked like he was coming home from work in his suit, but also was cracking himself up for no reason. Eventually his eyes were so wide and his mouth started drooping, it was actually a terrifying sight. So at this point I’m thinking “wtf is going on, it looks like he’s just left work, but he’s acting like that…” MEANWHILE, this lady sitting next to me had her daughter on her lap, and the daughter laid her legs on top of mine, so I was really more concerned with the thought of “get this child’s f***ing legs of my lap!”

“One time this woman was trying to come on the bus, but she didn’t have a ticket. The bus driver was explaining that she couldn’t get on without pre-purchasing a ticket. A huge argument ensues between the passenger, the bus driver, AND the attendant at Port Authority, and obviously holds up the entire bus from leaving. Ultimately, rules are rules, so they wouldn’t let the woman on. As this argument is coming to a close, a man loudly says to them “What’s the big DEAL?? Just let her on! You’re holding all of us up. Who cares – it’s THREE-FIFTY you’re missing out on. Just let her on!” And then turns to the rest of the passengers behind him and goes “Right?!” and laughs nervously. I don’t think a single passenger made a peep or even made eye contact with this guy. You just don’t f*** with Port Authority.”

“As I’m on my way home from work, I barely make it onto the PATH train before the doors close. I find myself a spot to stand for the short trip home, and find myself right next to a couple who have decided that the PATH was their bedroom. They proceeded to on-and-off heavily make-out in front of everybody on the packed train. It was so packed, I couldn’t even go anywhere to avoid the sight. My only thought here…”some people have no shame.”


commute bus
Moral of this story? One day you’ll be able to belt out Justin Bieber songs in the comfort of your own car, but in the meantime, we’re here for you, and we understand your commuting pain.

Written by Lindsay Steidl

Lindsay grew up in the middle of nowhere, Connecticut, where cell service wasn’t a thing (for real, “No Service” was a constant notice on her phone). But her love for pizza and all things marketing & social media brought her to the big city, and eventually to Hoboken. Lindsay is on a constant search for the best slice of Buffalo Chicken pizza and the best Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a croissant…. Any suggestions?! When she is not eating or drinking, you can find her biking up the Hudson River Walkway or traveling the world. She also swears that death glare isn’t directed at you, she just has a case of RBF. She actually really likes people!