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5 Steps to Making Hoboken Feel Like Home {A Newcomer’s Guide}

You just moved to Hoboken and you’re looking for something to do. Let’s jump right in!


1. Take a Walk

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Hoboken, or the “Mile Square City” is one of the most walkable cities in America. No matter the weather, put down your phone and put on your shoes! It is impossible to walk two blocks in this city without finding a fun activity. Challenge yourself to go out on your own- my suggestion? Grab a book and head to Zack’s Oak Bar and Restaurant for a burger and a beer.


2. Shake It Up

hoboken waterfront

Get moving! How many people can say their daily jog offers a view of the New York city skyline? The waterfront is the perfect place for a scenic run. There are many running groups in Hoboken including The Hoboken Harriers Running Club or the Hoboken Elysianettes Running Society. Running not your thing?  Join a social sports league like ZogSports where you can get active for a good cause. Either way, you get to meet new people!


3. Get Together

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Invite your friends to your cool new apartment in your cool new city. Take them bar crawling up and down Washington Street or stay in and order Napoli’s Brick Oven Pizza (extra cheese, pepperoni and green peppers is where it’s at.) Inside or outside, Hoboken does not disappoint and your out-of-town friends will love it!


4. Stuff your face

Explore the restaurants that surround you! Make a day of it – Take the following “Stuff your Face Challenge”:

Breakfast – Bagels on the Hudson


Potatoes, eggs, sausage and cheese on a roll.

Lunch –  Luca Brasi’s Deli


“Little Petey” Fresh mozzarella (but seriously, is there a cow back there?) sun-dried tomatoes and pepperoni.

Dinner – Okinawa Sushi (BYOB!)

FantasticRollTuna dumplings and Fantastic roll (the name is an understatement)

5. Get Dolled Up

up & out

Moving is hard! You deserve a little pampering.

Gals! Hair and makeup – Up & Out Beauty Bar: A blowout with a glass of wine? Yes please!

Guys! Cut, style, shave and pamper – The Hoboken Man: This high-end salon provides luxurious styling and pampering services with a classic barbershop feel.


Follow these five steps and you’ll start to feel at home in Hoboken in no time!


Written by Michelle Lupo

Michelle is an artist, comedian and food enthusiast who was born and raised in New Jersey. When she’s not devouring pizza and red wine, she can be found running, boxing, reading, or watching old episodes of 30 Rock.