6 People You’ll See On Your {Morning Commute}

Thousands of commuters leave Hoboken every morning and make their way to the city. The interesting part that comes with there being thousands of people is that you’ll see a good handful that stick out to you. You can be sure to see at least one of these people on every morning commute!


1. The Stressed Parent


This is the parent that walks on with small children and already looks stressed. Someone generally (as they should) offer their seat once they walk on. The parent keeps telling their kids to sit still, stay seated, don’t eat that, don’t touch that, stop leaning on the person next to them…honestly A+ for effort to these people. I can’t even imagine taking public transportation while being in charge of little ones.


2. The Parent Who Doesn’t Give a $#!t

parent 2

This is the opposite of the ones described above. They just pretty much have had it at this point and let the kiddies go wild. Usually because it’s morning, and we’d all rather still be in bed, no one is in a good mood and laughs it off. Now you can watch everyone’s eyes roll as they listen to the screaming child, the one who just dumped Cheerios all over the place, or the one who just got sick on the train and managed to aim right for the person sitting next to them.


3. The One Who Overslept


Looking frantic, chugging coffee, shoving a bagel down their throat, all with unbrushed hair…all signs of the person who overslept. Sometimes you’ll even see the laptop come out as they rush to type up a last minute e-mail or put together something quick on Excel. Their clothes are wrinkled and shirt is probably untucked. The woman might even be putting on makeup (good luck with not poking yourself in the eye with your mascara) or the man is putting on his tie.


4. The One Who Had a Productive Morning

The overachiever. They probably woke up before the sun rose, went for a 4 mile run, came home to shower and maybe did some yoga. They had a full balanced breakfast, watched the morning news, and hell, maybe even volunteered since they seem to find time to do everything! They look refreshed, happy, and all put together.  You are torn between wanting to be this person or wanting to punch them in the face.


5. The One Who Didn’t Get Any Sleep (And is Probably Hungover)


LOL when they said they’d get just one drink after work. Here they are again after a night out, hating life. Dark circles under the eyes, a large coffee, and a very good chance of even falling back asleep as the train doors close. This person might even have on what they wore to work the day before (cough, cough, walk of shame). Unwashed hair, unwashed clothes, and the smell of poor decisions.


6. The Pregnant Woman


I will almost always see at least one pregnant woman on a train car. I hope to usually see her sitting. Therefore, if you are sitting, please don’t be that @$$ – just give her your seat. Too many times you see a pregnant woman standing on the train at first because no one is offering her their seat. Same with the elderly and disabled. Don’t make the guy on crutches watch you in envy while you sit!

Written by Rachel Willson

When she’s not throwing elbows to get a seat on the PATH first (but failing 9 out of 10 times), Rachel can be found at brunch with a pitcher of mimosas in front of her. Originally from Upstate New York, Rachel moved to Hoboken a little over a year ago when she started working for an ad agency in Manhattan. Being still somewhat new to the area, Rachel makes it her goal to try every restaurant and bar at least once. In her free time, when Scandal isn’t being binged watched, Rachel is typically finding joy in things out of her budget, speaking fluently in sarcasm, and crawling her way down Washington St. because yesterday was leg day.