6 Ways to Get Your {Chicken Wings} in Hoboken

Have you ever encountered a dish more diverse than the chicken wing? Traditional, boneless, buffalo, barbecue, served in a bucket, folded in a wrap (err, hopefully the boneless version)–the options are plentiful and diverse. And while just about every establishment in Hoboken has some variation on their menu, every patron has their favorite version; so in honor of National Chicken Wing day today I’m breaking down six great ways for the wing lover in all of us to get the perfect chicken fix.


Best All You Can Eat: 10th and Willow


This would require pushing your celebration to Monday–but it’s worth the wait, and your wallet will think so too. A whopping $5 dollars will get you all you can eat access to their traditional, teriyaki, and honey barbecue wings. Pro tip: ask for the sweet chili sauce to dip the teriyaki wings in–BOMB.COM.


Best Crisp Factor: Chicken Factory


This unassuming Korean barbecue joint manages to perfect a crispy, crunchy outer layer without a greasy mess. You’ve got two options: soy garlic or sweet spicy, and you can combine both flavors into one order–which I highly recommend, because choosing between the two feels sacrilegious.


Best Traditional Buffalo Wing: Carpe Diem

carpe diem wings

This is not just word on the street–Carpe Diem has actually been crowned “best buffalo wings in Hoboken” multiple times. This comes as no surprise because their wings will force you to throw caution (and human decency) to the wind as you lick your fingers clean of their sweet and savory sauce.


Best Boneless Wings: Mikie Squared


Image: Instagram / @mikiesquared

If you’re experiencing an unstoppable wing craving, the bone is really just a dangerous obstacle in your quest for fulfillment; that’s where Mikie Squared comes in with their deliciously crispy and generously slathered boneless buffalo wings. If you head in on a Monday, you can get those bad boys with a pitcher of Coors Light or Yeungling for only $18 bucks. Winner, winner, chicken (wing) dinner.


Best Package Deal: Mills Tavern

mills tavern wings

Mills Tavern stretches their all-you-can-eat deal a little further by including a complimentary Coors Light–all for only $9.99. And you’re going to need that beer to wash down all that chicken–each and every wing is made-to-order and flavor options include spicy Thai chili, smokehouse barbecue, and three levels of Buffalo hotness. Come hungry, leave with a split stomach lining.


Best Unexpected Wings: Biggie’s Clam Bar


I know, I know–a clam bar for wings? The answer is SO MUCH YES. The sauce has just enough sweet heat and with all the TV’s and bar tables, it’s a great spot to circle up with pals and pig out for whatever game you’re looking to watch. Just make sure you keep your eye on the bone as much as the ball–it’s a choking hazard.

Written by Brittany Temple

Brittany is a bona fide Jersey girl (sans stereotypical sky-high hair) with an obnoxious laugh and a super fast-paced walk. You can hear her work (and sometimes aforementioned obnoxious laugh) on SiriusXM where she produces the political talk show “Make It Plain with Mark Thompson.” In her free time she can usually be found using the reliable combo of blind faith and beer to cheer on the Devils, Jets and Yankees. Oh, and, she’s not yelling at you. That’s just her natural volume.