9 Reasons Not to Miss Hoboken {Cocktail Week} 2018

It’s that time of year again: Hoboken Cocktail Week. This is a chance to see what some of the city’s most popular spots have to offer, and to step outside of your neighborhood comfort zone. For a list of participating bars, check out our complete guide here.

Wondering why you should attend? Well, take a look.

Hoboken Cocktail Week

1. A Break From the Same Drink, Every Time


If you’re anything like me, you tend to stick with what you know when ordering food and drink. Personally, I can spend 10 minutes in front of the beer cooler at my local liquor store telling myself “today is the day I try something different,” only to leave with a 6-pack of Bud Light. Cocktail Week is a great opportunity to try a new beverage – or several.


2. A Break From the Same Bar, Every Time


Also like me, perhaps you’ve settled nicely into a specific Hoboken neighborhood and frequent one of the bars or restaurants near your apartment (hey, 1oth and Willow). But we will guide you to new Hoboken establishments, so by the end you’ll feel like you know the whole city.


3. A Taste of Local Culture


Hoboken is a small city known for its food and drink culture, and within that are all of the restaurants and bars and their individual cultures. The more local spots you visit during Cocktail Week, the more cultured you’ll feel. Soon enough, you may be the one your friends ask for suggestions on where to eat or drink.


4. Discounts and Happy Hours

willie mcbrides hcw18

At Hoboken Happy Hours, we pride ourselves on providing you with what you need to know and with good deals. After all, who doesn’t love a bargain? We know you do, so Cocktail Week features a boatload of discounts and specials to help you get the most bang for your buck and ride the wave of Cocktail Week as far as possible.


5. Activities

ale house pups

Believe it or not, you can do more at Cocktail Week than just enjoy cocktails. Mixology experiences are among the activities we’ve planned to spice things up. We also know how much everyone (who’s not crazy) loves dogs, so expect to see some “puptails” so your furry friends can enjoy the week with you.


6. Warm Weather Drinks

black bear hcw18

Now that it’s warm outside once again, it’s time to shift from drinks that warm you up to those that cool you down. Expect the Cocktail Week menu to reflect that with a wide range of beverages to keep you cold as the temperature climbs.


7. A Reason to Enjoy Hoboken in Spring

city bistro rooftop 18_400

You’re in Hoboken and it’s spring. It’s an incredible time of the year when you can take full advantage of our city’s walkability and outdoor seating. Use this week to walk from bar to bar, trying new drinks and getting a feel for each new place as you go.


8. Safe Driving (and Riding)


Hoboken Happy Hours certainly enjoys its booze, but not as much as it enjoys safe driving. That’s why for Cocktail Week, we’re offering new and existing Lyft users 10% off rides to Hoboken Cocktail Week when you use code HCW10. We want you to enjoy this week that we’ve put together, but of course, we want you to do it safely.


9. Meet New People

swiggs early crowd

Not only do we provide you with the latest news and specials, we also offer the opportunity to meet new people. Maybe you just moved here, or maybe you’ve been here awhile and are just super close with your roommate(s). Getting out there during Cocktail Week will allow you to meet some new people who may be looking for the same thing. Maybe even we will be your friends.

If you want a sense of how it worked last year, we’ve also got you covered here.

Written by Kyle Evans

Kyle hails from Bergen County and moved to Hoboken in September 2016. He works at a PR and marketing agency in lower Manhattan. Off the clock, you’ll probably find him watching any one of his awful sports teams, getting lost in his headphones, tweeting (@kyle_evs), or sitting back and waiting to drop one-liners and dad jokes. Kyle is an avid fan of anything buffalo, burgers, and buffalo burgers.