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9 {Unconventional Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve}

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us, and just as quickly as Halloween snuck up on us, as will 2018. However, if the idea of planning one more night out or committing to another lame party sounds like a torturous end to your 2017, then don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to ring in the New Year that don’t require expensive cover charges or socializing with drunken strangers.

1. Take A Trip

on a plane

Bon Voyage 2017!

There is really something to be said about waking up in a new year in a new place. Whether you’re looking out on the shores of Jersey or the beaches of Barbados, taking a trip (even if it’s just an overnight-er) is a great way to start the year off right. Traveling gives you a new and fresh perspective on life and helps you appreciate the comforts of home so much more. So, why not start 2018 off in a brand new place? Even if it’s just your second cousin’s air mattress in Indiana.

2. New Year’s Eve Spring Clean


Look how much fun you can have cleaning!

With the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s easy to let your apartment’s tidiness get the best of you. If your drawers are busting at the seams with clothes you never wear, and the layer of dust on your television stand is a finger painter’s dream, then perhaps a New Year’s Eve cleaning session is just what you need. If you don’t want to go out anyway, there is no reason to not ring in 2018 in a perfectly clean and organized apartment. Just make sure you stock up on all your cleaning supplies and some bumpin’ tunes. For helpful tips; check out this article. Additionally, any of those clothes or items that you clean out can be donated to various places around Hoboken. Now that’s kicking off the year with the right foot!

3. Game Night


Basement Shuffleboard Tournament anyone?

Whether it’s board games, video games or internet games — you can ring in 2018 with plenty of laughs. Invite a few friends over and have them each bring a game of their choice. That way, you can play a round in each game and have a board game tournament. Or if you’re more of an internet or video game group, charge up your gaming systems and invite a friend or two over with their systems or passwords and see how many hours in front of the big screen you can log. Just make sure that your WiFi is up to speed — no one wants to ring in a new year thinking about how bad their technology is.

4. Movies or Concert


Just singing along with 20,000 of my closest friends!

A ton of different locations in the tri-state have really awesome concert options on New Year’s Eve, including venues big and small. What’s better than singing along to your favorite song as the ball drops at midnight?

5. Have a Bake-off!

pumpkin spice cupcakes

2018 Goal: Train for The Great American Baking Show!

Baking takes time. There’s the rising and the kneading and the measuring. Why not ring in the new year trying out that new recipe? Or invite a couple of friends over and have a cupcake or pizza bake-off. You can watch Ryan Seacrest as your dough rises, and then enjoy some fresh-from-the-oven treats without having to pay a delivery charge.

6. New Year Around the World


Feliz año nuevo! Frohes neues Jahr! Bonne Année!

Why have just one midnight when you can celebrate every midnight? Samoa rings in their new years at 5am EST on December 31st, and Baker Island doesn’t celebrate their New Years until 7am EST on January 1st. Stock up on confetti and party hats — you have over 24 hours of celebrating to do!

7. Self Improvement

Pilates exercise

Whether you work on your brain or your body, you’ll be bringing in 2018 right!

You’ve heard it before. Heck, you’ve probably even uttered it before: New Year, new me. Have a healthy New Year’s Eve by grabbing some friends and maybe going for a New Year’s walk or workout. Or load up on some red pens and interview questions and have your friends over to redo your resume and practice interviewing skills with each other.

8. Craft Night


Happy trees in 2018!

This requires a little bit of gathering supplies beforehand, but a craft night is a great way to bring on 2018. Depending on what you prefer (and how big a space you have to work with) you could paint a picture, make some coasters or even some pretty jewelry that is sure to be all the rage in 2018.

9. Karaoke Party


Singing songs does the body good!

Pick out some of your favorite tunes and a mic (or just pretend with a hair brush) and sing your way into 2018. If singing isn’t your strong suit, you can always dance to the tunes, as well. Or play a musical instrument to accompany your friend’s solo.

Whether you spend your New Year’s Eve painting a wall in your apartment or working on your physique, be sure to make it a good one. Traditions come in all shapes and sizes, so there is no need to stick with just one. Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year to all!

Written by Joanne Kornelli

Joanne has proudly been a resident of Hoboken for 10 years. This born and raised Jersey girl loves crossing off locations on her “Places to Visit” list. One of her favorite travel memories is when she cried at the sight of the giant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands. Because that’s what happens when all your High School AP Environmental Science dreams come true.