Aloha Hoboken!: 3 Ways {The Ale House} Will Put You On Hawaiian Time

Even though the weather is starting to allow us out of our winter prisons, there’s still no denying that you’d jump into a Hawaiian state-of-mind any time it was offered. Well you’re in luck.

The Ale House is the ONE and ONLY bar (did I mention it was the only one) in Hoboken boasting three magical beers from Kona Brewing Company. These magical concoctions-dubbed “Liquid Aloha” by the brewery-of pure paradise will bring you from Hoboken to Hawai’i faster than Lindsay Lohan turned into Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday.

Full Disclosure: Kona Big Wave has been my favorite beer for at least 12 months now. After my most recent market research session at The Ale House thanks much to the always amazing Maria (Hey, Maria!), my feelings MIGHT have changed. Hanalei Island IPA could be a front runner for my new favorite. In conclusion, there’s no way I can be wrong twice about the best beer is there? I didn’t think so. You can guarantee you’re going to love at least one of these goblets of beautiful potion:

Kona Big Wave

I had to start with my go-to which Maria had poured before I could even sit down and say “Aloha!”. Once it hit the lips I was confident I had Kelly Slater (professional surfing legend) like moves and would be ready to jump on a board in no time at all. As an American Blonde Ale, the fruitiness is subtle, so it’s not sweet like that of a Dole Pineapple straight from the 50th state. Kona Big Wave 4 Lyf.

kona big wave ale house

Kona Longboard Lager

Is it possible to hold an actual longboard and not throw the Shaka? This American Pale Lager will have you hangin’ loose in no time. There’s a little spicy hop flavor in there that will keep you hangin’ ten over the bar for another.

PS – That’s not fresh pineapple you’re chomping on, it’s the hot and buttery popcorn The Ale House pumps out for free every.single.day. If you didn’t know this by now, it might be time for you to finally get off island time.

kona longboard ale house

Kona Hanalei Island IPA

My first sip of this Island IPA brought me back to what I would have imagined it being like during the 1980 Winter Olympics when we said “Not Today!” to the Russian Hockey Team. This is due to the MASSIVE upset this beer was putting on my long-term (tinder-less) relationship with Kona Big Wave. This special American IPA pays tribute to the island of Kauai. The experience your tastebuds will go through will mimic being on Kauai, which many call “the most beautiful place on Earth.”

 kona hanalei ale house

Written by Adam Smith

Adam not only enjoys long walks on the beach and romantic comedies (he’s serious), but he also loves playing hockey, hanging out with his pals, and giving self-proclaimed top-notch high fives. When he’s not rooting on his Denver Broncos or USC Trojans, he’s cruising the streets of Hoboken in search of the coldest pint and the cheesiest pizza. His top two life goals are as follows: play on a blob (Heavy Weights, anyone?) and swim in a life size pool of Mac n’ Cheese.