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Back to School: 5 Booze Related College Courses

Back to school season sometimes makes me nostalgic for my college days. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at my alma mater, but would have had even more of a blast if some of these booze-related courses were offered on campus.


Exploring Wines of the World

University of Central Florida

wineLocated in the heart of Orlando, UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management is the largest of its kind. Students lucky enough to be enrolled in its wine-focused class taste six wines from regions around the globe and discuss grape varieties and food pairings as they go. The course is taught by Frank Juge, who has been teaching on the subject since the 1970s.

Practical Malting and Brewing

University of California, Davis

brooklyn brewery

The University of California-Davis has offered this course in brewing for over 40 years. As a final project, students form teams and take all that they’ve learned in the course to create their own recipe, and brew a batch of beer. The end results are then judged by professional brewers from large and small Northern California companies.

The Science Behind Beer

Central Michigan University

madison beer

As a result of the state’s booming craft brewery industry, the university began offering courses in fermentation science. Biochemistry, microbiology and chemistry are among the sciences involved in beer making. The course combines lectures and hands-on labs to teach students how to brew delicious beer.

Vines and Wines: Introduction to Viticulture and Enology

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

red wine

Not only does it have a cool rhyming name, the subject matter is enticing. Those enrolled are taught viticulture (the study of grapes) and enology (the study of wine making), and also get to participate in a lot of tastings. To top it off, students are also educated on current social and legal issues involving wine.

The Whisky Course

Algonquin College


If you venture to Canada, Algonquin College in Ontario offers a class on whisky. Despite an emphasis on Scotch whisky families, students also learn about American bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, and Canadian rye whisky. Plus, each area has its own unique history and distillation practices.


Written by Catherine Shaw

Cat is a New Jersey native and super proud of it. As a newbie to Hoboken, she’s always down to scope out new (to her) places to eat, drink and have a good time. When not at her 9 to 5 travel writing gig, she can be found sweating it out at a spin class, experimenting in the kitchen with her beloved KitchenAid mixer, reading at Pier A when the weather is good, or—let’s be honest—devouring a Luca Brasi sandwich while binge watching Netflix.