Best Hoboken {Halloween} Looks Based on 2018

Hoboken bars, your neighbor down the hall or your bestie from high school probably have you covered for your Halloween plans, now all you need is the perfect costume. And we’ve got you covered with that! We intensely analyzed 2018 pop culture, entertainment and sports to come up with creative costumes that will definitely put you in the running for “Best Dressed” at the bar or party.

Popular Culture

Yanny & Laurel

yanny and laurel

This meme pretty much broke the internet this year. Making the blue & black vs. gold & white debacle and the Kim K champagne booty totally obsolete. For this costume, simply grab a friend, and flip a coin for who gets to be green and who gets to be pink.

The Walmart Yodeling Boy

walmart yodeling boy

Okay, so this guy’s fame has pretty much become unreal; from belting out a couple notes at Walmart to touring with Chris Lane and attending college fraternity parties, 11-year-old Mason Ramsey has had quite the year. For this, throw on your best western gear and a red bow tie.

Heavenly Bodies

heavenly bodies

This year’s Met Gala theme was pretty amazing, and left us with some of our most iconic fashion looks of 2018 (peep Blake Lively, Lily Collins and P Diddy). This theme kinda made the whole “slutty nun” thing cool again with the exhibit and the event showing off some very fashion-forward, and, dare I say — wild interpretations of the church. But to channel your inner celebrity without wearing couture, simply throw on a sleek black dress, nun head cap and dark makeup.

Inflatable Unicorn

inflatable unicorn

Okay, so this year was the year of the rainbow, in more ways than one — and we are totally okay with it! Among these trends was anything unicorn, but most of all, was unicorn pool floats. Look like you’re stepping out of a Vegas bachelorette party or a weekend in the Hamptons in summer wear, fun sunnies and a unicorn float.

In My Feelings

in my feelings

From another amazing song by Drake, to a viral video challenge that took over our timelines, “In My Feelings” took 2018 by storm. This costume is perfect for last-minute costume people, just grab a poster board and treat it like a “Promposal” with large front reading “Kiki, Do you love me?”

Kylie & Stormi/Any of Kylie’s Instas

kylie and stormi

Credit : @kyliejenner

Guys. Kylie Jenner has a baby. And yes, we are still blown away that she successfully hid it for 9 months. But now that Stormi is out, Kylie is not shy about her motherhood, and her fans are loving it. Three of her photos with Stormi have landed her on the list of most liked instas of all time. So grab a baby, a bright wig and a trendy outfit, and you, too, can be a “cool mom” for the night. Or, leave your baby at home.



Fake News

fake news

credit: pinterest.com

Trump has definitely been weary of some of the news reported about him this year and often used the phrase “Fake News” to discuss his feelings on the media. For this costume, you will need a news paper and some paint to mark it with a giant FAKE.

Donald Trump & Stormy Daniels

trump and stormy

credit: glamour.com

Arguably 2018’s most controversial couple. Millions tuned in to Stormy Daniels’ “60 Minutes” episode earlier this year to try to make sense of the rumors regarding our nation’s leader and the porn star. For this costume, a couple would need a long blonde wig and a tight dress (Stormy) and a bad blonde wig and a lot of orange bronzer (Trump). (No offense to POTUS.)

Judge/Supreme Court Nominee

notorious RBG

credit: vogue.com

Judges were a big topic in 2018. On a positive note, we discussed how Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg changed the world for women through her political rulings. And on a more controversial note, our nation chose sides in one of the biggest “he said/she said” battles of the 21st century. For these costumes, either throw on a robe and carry a high school year book and a beer as Brett Kavanaugh or a robe, gold chains a crown and big glasses and be the “Notorious R.B.G”.



Your Favorite TV Show

CW Riverdale

A bunch of shows took 2018 by storm, and many of them have pretty distinct characters that would be easy to replicate. Above we have an easy one, as leather jackets and dark make up easily transform you into a South Side Serpent, or a tight sweater, ponytail or pearls make you the perfect Northsider (from CW’s Riverdale).

Other ways to portray 2018’s hottest shows:

  • A pink dress, denim jacket and a box of Eggos — “11” from Stranger Things
  • A red cape and eye patch — Janine/Offwaren from The Handmaid’s Tale
  • A gold crown and a jewel tone dress — Queen Elizabeth in The Crown
  • 5 Friends and gold letter balloons (#FAB5)– the Fab5 from Queer Eye
  • Orange Scrubs + White Bandanna/a book — Red/Taystee from Orange is the New Black

Your Favorite Movie

oceans 8

If you are a girl who is a fan of the “Ocean’s” movies, you probably flipped out over the star-studded, lady power in Ocean’s 8. Many of the characters have an iconic style that can be easily replicated with long fur coats, fun heels, beanies and dark glasses, so grab your squad, pull up a poster, and pick a character. Or, throw on an untied black bow tie and a button down to channel your inner Debbie Ocean, who makes a nod to Danny in the final scene of the movie.

Other ways to represent this year’s hottest flicks:

  • A worn-in pear of jeans, T shirt, Cross necklace & dark waves — Ally from A Star is Born
  • Purple Mini Dress, Pink Wig — Ann Wheeler from The Greatest Showman
  • Black Fitted Clothing & Panther Necklace —  King T’Challa from The Black Panther
  • Red t-shirt, Black Pants & Printed Incredible “I” — Incredible from The Incredibles 2

Written by Tabi Krier

Tabi is Jersey-born, but took a brief stint as a “Hey y’all”-saying, college basketball loving, southern girl while attending the University of Kentucky! GO CATS!! Now landing back up north, she can be found in her preferred color wheel (black, blush & white), with sneakers on her feet and an aggressively long walking stride. Tabi is constantly trying to balance equal but conflicting obsessions with mac & cheese, bourbon and bathing suits, but mac & cheese and bourbon always win.