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{Best Hoboken Restaurants} to take Each of Your Out-of-Town Relatives

You know that panicky moment when your family member announces that they are coming to visit you? And you instantly get onto your Hoboken phone tree for recommendations about where to bring them? Yeah, we know about that too, and we got you!

Whether you are new to Hoboken or a Hudson County seasoned veteran, it is hard to sift through the dozens of restaurants in the Mile Square to find the perfect vibe, menu and location for your next family affair. The plaguing questions include “I want to make sure it is trendy…” “They have to have a big wine list…” “Are there enough TVs?” “Do they have vegetarian options?” …and so on.

To help, we put together the perfect guide to soften your concerns, so here you have it. Best Hoboken Restaurants to take…

Your Trendy Cousin from NYC

Antique Bar & Bakery or Grand Vin

Antique Bar & Bakery

Dirty Ribeye, pre wood-fire @ Antique Bar & Bakery

You finally convinced your cousin, who never wants to leave the West Village or Soho, to hop on the path to Hoboken for the night, and now the pressure is on. You want to convince her that “Hoboken is cool, too” (‘CAUSE IT IS) while also playing to her foodie side. Between the laidback, trendy vibes and exposed wood-fired Kitchen at Antique Bar & Bakery and the exposed brick with dangling lights at Grand Vin we’ve got you covered. Both have chic ambiance, amazing food and killer cocktails that won’t disappoint even the most judgmental of New Yorkers.

Antique Highlights:

  • Dirty Ribeye
  • Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie 

Grand Vin Highlights:

  • Short Rib
  • Meat and Cheese Platter 


Your Aunt who Drinks a Little Too Much Wine

Sorrelina or Bin 14


Truffle Spaghetti (middle), Ricotta Gnudi (left) and Cacio e Pepe (right) @ Sorellina

Looking for a place for your next girls night with your aunt, mom & cousins? Uptown spots Sorrelina Italian Kitchen & Bin 14 are both perfect for a glass of wine and a dish of elevated Italian food. Each of the spots boast exposed brick walls and cozy tables that make for an intimate, but chic, vibe. With massive wine lists and big menus, these spots are perfect to unwind with family.

Bin 14 Highlights:

  • Truffle Fresh Mozzarella
  • Sausage and Pepper Bruschetta

Sorrelina Highlights:

ANY of the pastas, specifically the Cacio E Pepe Conchigli or the Pumpkin Gnudi 


Good Ol’ Mom or Dad

Zack’s or Blue Eyes


Macaroni & Cheese with Tempura Buffalo Bites @ Zack’s

Let’s be honest, there are no shortage of great restaurants in Hoboken, and Mom and Dad really care more about seeing your face and criticizing the amount of laundry you’ve allowed to pile up in your hamper; but Zack’s and Blue Eyes are both a safe bet for your next parental outing. For a nice sunny day lunch or an early dinner, there’s nothing better than the sweeping NYC views and fresh baked Neapolitan pizzas at Blue Eyes. And for those nights that no one can decide what kind of food they want, Zack’s has a little something for everyone.

Zack’s Highlights:

  • Buffalo Bites
  • Caesar Salad
  • Roasted Pork Chop 

Blue Eyes Highlights:

  • Linguini on Vongole Veraci
  • Dessert Pizza!


Your Sister who recently became a Vegetarian

Bareburger or Charritos Midtown


Tableside Guac & Mexican Street Corn Elotes @ Charritos Midtown

For meat lovers, there are few things worse than having to amuse your vegetarian relatives by bringing them to a place full of quinoa bowls and butternut squash. But luckily for you, Bareburger and Charritos will leave you with plenty of carnivorous eats to indulge in. Plus with Charritos’ colorful decorations and Bareburger’s rustic accents, they’ve both got perfect vibes for a girls night.

Bareburger Highlights:

Charritos Highlights:

  • Guacamole
  • Elotes
  • Steak Tacos (Cause you ain’t vegetarian, right?)


The Italian In- Laws

Otto Strada or Tenth Street Pizza


Spaghetti Carbonara & Crispy Prosciutto Pizza @ Otto Strada

You want to welcome your in-laws to Hoboken with the perfect Italian meal, but you also don’t want to take them somewhere that’s too over-the-top. We’re going for the whole “trying hard without actually trying hard”, am I right? So if you want to impress them with two Hoboken hot spots with fresh ingredients, simple menus and comfortable prices, then Otto Strada & 10th Street Pizza are for you! Both these spots dish out amazing pies and great pastas… plus they are BYOB so the In Laws can bring their favorite wine!

10th Street Highlights:

  • Square Pie with Buffalo Mozzarella
  • Ricotta Crostini 

Otto Strada Highlights:

  • 1-lb Meatball
  • Soppressata Pizza
  • Pasta Carbonara 


Your Hot Cocoa-Loving Little Cousin

The Hoboken Gourmet Company or Aether Game Cafe

Hoboken Gourmet

Hoboken Gourmet Company Latte

Your aunt finally let you take your little cousin on an outing while she gets her nails done, and you want to take them somewhere “cool” but kid-friendly. The Hoboken Gourmet Company offers a bright setting with unique decorations added to their drinks, both of which should be enough to land you the title “Cool Cousin” for a while. But if that isn’t enough, you’ve also got Aether Game Cafe, where you can share a pastry while playing a game of Monopoly or Clue.

Hoboken Gourmet Company Highlights:

  • Matcha Latte
  • Cafe Mocha

Aether Game Cafe Highlights:

  • Grilled Cheese
  • Hot Chocolate 


Your Conservative Grandparents

Augostino’s or Court Street


Rigatoni in Sunday Sauce @ Augostino’s

Maybe you’ve got a cool set of grandparents that would enjoy a loaded burger at The Shep or a delicious square pie at Tenth Street, but I think it is safe to say that most of us have grandparents with a little bit more of an elegant taste. So for your conservative grandparents who prefer white tablecloths, stuffed bread baskets and stellar service, you can’t beat the Hoboken classics: Augostino’s & Court Street.

Augostino’s Highlights:

  • Chicken Marsala
  • Carbonara Pasta

Court Street Highlights:


Your Brother Who Mostly Wants to Watch the Game

The Ainsworth or House of ‘Que

ainsworth hoboken happy hour

TV view booths @ The Ainsworth

So your brother comes to town, and although he loves sinking his teeth into some great game-day food, he mostly cares about the number of TVs in the place. With a wide variety of Hoboken bars becoming hot spots on any NY/NJ game day, it can be difficult to find a spot to accommodate your desire to eat without being shoved out of the way by people screaming about the most recent Giants loss. But with the high number of TVs, ample restaurant seating and large menus at The Ainsworth and House of ‘Que… we’ve got you covered.

Ainsworth Highlights: Macaroni & Cheeseburger and the Sweet Tea Wings

House of ‘Que Highlights: Queso Dip and Smoky Baked Potato

And you can’t forget the extended Family…

Always wanted to be the person that always pics the perfect restaurant? Follow this guide and I can almost assure you, that reputation will be following you soon.

Written by Tabi Krier

Tabi is Jersey-born, but took a brief stint as a “Hey y’all”-saying, hair bow-wearing southern girl while attending the University of Kentucky! Finally landing back in the north, she can be found in her preferred color wheel (black, grey & white), with sneakers on her feet and an aggressively long walking stride. Tabi is constantly trying to balance equal but conflicting obsessions with mac & cheese, bourbon and bathing suits, but mac & cheese and bourbon always win.