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We Came, We Drank, We Won: Your {Hoboken Cocktail Week} Recap

It was one amazing week… or should we say 10 days, because who doesn’t like a few extra days of cocktails?! Thank you to all who sipped their way through Hoboken Cocktail Week. We hope you found a new favorite cocktail or bar, and we can’t wait to see you again next year! Here is a special recap of all that went down the past 10 days!

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cocktail week pilsener haus

Naturally, when you hear Cocktail Week, you think “drinking cocktails”! Well that’s what Cocktail Week is all about, and we definitely did just that. Below are just a few quotes highlighting some of our favorite drinks through the week.

  • Amanda: “The Fred Daly at City Bistro soothed my sore throat from all the pollen this year. It was delish… sweet and refreshing.”
  • Krista B: “My fave was Hector’s presentation of the flaming Turn Up Monster at The Shepherd & the Knucklehead, but I also really liked their Glen’Skeetit drink, too. The flavors were sophisticated, and it was the kind of drink you can sip slowly.”
  • Lindsay: “The Irish Lemonade at The Dubliner was the perfect balance of sweet. I’d get it again.”
  • Cat: “‘This is really sweet’, but I have no clue which drink that I’m referring to here…” (I think it’s safe to assume it was a good night at Pilsener Haus ;)..)
  • Chris: “This Malibu Rum Punch though… I think I may have found a new favorite drink at Cadillac Cantina. I may have to stray away from my usual margarita order.”



big drinks cocktail week

On top of the regular-sized cocktails we sipped on all week, some of our participating restaurants went BIG. Texas Arizona offered 100oz. and 192oz. Absolut Mules, and Cadillac Cantina offered 100oz. and 192oz. Mexican Mules with Altos Tequila. Perfect for sharing with friends!



pilsener wurst

Not only did we drink our way through Cocktail Week, but we enjoyed some noms along the way, from pasta to nachos to sandwiches and more! We also enjoyed Pilsener Haus’ wursts during our Whiskey & Wursts mixer on Thursday, June 14. Partygoers washed down some delicious grub from the grill with Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve & Jameson specials.



pups ale house cocktail week

On Wednesday, June 13, we spent the evening playing with pups at The Ale House during our Cocktails & Puptails mixer. There literally is nothing better than sipping on your favorite drink while surrounded by adorable puppies. Cornerstone Pets provided custom Margarita and Martini cookies, and Chewy provided doggy ice cream treats! It was a bone-afide good time ;).



bobs_eats instagram cocktail week

Instagram Credit: @bobs_eats

Thanks to all those who tagged us in their Instagram posts, especially those who used #hobokencocktailweek for the chance to win a plethora of prizes. You can find all the pictures on Instagram by searching the hashtag for a complete round-up of the fun that went down! It looks like you all had a blast, and we can’t wait to see more pictures next year.



cocktail week prizes

And speaking of prizes, we gave out everything from free classes at SoulCycle, Cycle Bar, and Prime Cycle to gift cards to Jefferson’s Coffee to doggy ice cream treats, and so much more! Did you win one of our great prizes? If not, stay tuned for more awesome giveaways on our Instagram in the weeks to come!



sponsors cocktail week

Shout out to all of our amazing sponsors and community partners for helping make Cocktail Week a success! Thank you to all of the participating bars and restaurants, as well as Jameson, Absolut, Malibu, Altos, Glenlivet, Beefeater, Lyft, hMag, ZogSports and Jersey Girls Food Tours. You all truly are the best of the best!

And thank you to all of you, the Cocktail Week drinkers. Keep on sippin’, and we’ll see you next year!

Written by Lindsay Steidl

Lindsay grew up in the middle of nowhere, Connecticut, where cell service wasn’t a thing (for real, “No Service” was a constant notice on her phone). But her love for pizza and all things marketing & social media brought her to the big city, and eventually to Hoboken. Lindsay is on a constant search for the best slice of Buffalo Chicken pizza and the best Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a croissant…Any suggestions?! When she is not eating or drinking, you can find her biking up the Hudson River Walkway or traveling the world. She also swears that death glare isn’t directed at you, she just has a case of RBF. She actually really likes people!