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Celebrate {National Bacon Day} 7 Ways with ‘Boken’s Best Bacon

December 30th is National Bacon Day! What a great way to end the year on a greasy note right before you start your “healthy” New Year’s resolution that won’t continue past week three of January. Not to mention, you probably need the extra grease as a foundation before drinking your face off the next day. Allow me to help with this.

1. Moran’s Burger

moran's burger

Where? Moran’s

The best burger I have had in Hoboken to date. It’s a Pat La Frieda custom blend patty, with Irish-style rasher bacon, Irish cheddar, arugula, crispy onions, truffle mayo, on sesame seed brioche. I know the bacon doesn’t look super crispy, but something about it is magical just the way it is.


2. B.E.C. + Hash Brown on a Roll

frans breakfast sammy

Where? Fran’s Deli

There are a lot of breakfast meat options at Fran’s, but you have to give their bacon a try. Fran’s is my favorite spot for breakfast sammies, because the roll is soft, the mutz is thick, the eggs are real, and the bacon is crisp and salty AF. And hash browns are a must. If you’re looking for a lunch option, go for the honey mustard chicken wrap. BOOM.


3. Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

napoli's cbr pizza

Where? Napoli’s

We now have an uptown and downtown location for Nap’s, so there’s really no excuses here. This CBR pizza is loaded with all of the goods. One of the best CBR’s I’ve had. And what is the star of this glorious pie? Bacon. Well, ranch, too, if you’re a condiment connoisseur like me. BUT, THE BACON.


4. Praline Bacon

antique praline bacon

Where? Antique Bar & Bakery

If you’re a fan of sweet & salty, order a side of praline bacon at Antique. The brown sugar and pecan mixture is sizzled and crisped to perfection in the coal-fired oven and arrives to your table screaming, “be addicted to me!” And then suddenly you forget how addicting Cheez-Itz are because, praline bacon.


5. Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary

halifax bloody

Where? Halifax

I’m not typically a bloody fan, but the more food you pile in there, the more intrigued I am. Especially if bacon is an option. Why, yes, I would love to have a sip if I need to eat a stick of bacon and olives in order to get there. If you ask me, this is a pretty solid breakfast.


6. Bacon Mac & Cheese

pizza repub bacon mac

Where? Pizza Republic

If you don’t already know that Pizza Republic is “The Mac Daddy of Hoboken,” now you know. The options are overwhelming over there (in a great way), but even the simple bacon mac is on point. Noods, bacon & cheese are just meant to be together.


7. Classic Side of Bacon

schnackenbergs bacon

Where? Schnackenberg’s

If you wanna keep it old school, you’ll want to head to Schnackenberg’s for some crispy bacon and a milkshake. Why a milkshake? Because your chocolate shake needs that salty bite to balance out the sweet and salty, DUH.

Written by Krista Stucchio

Krista moved to Hoboken in January 2016 and works in social media for a marketing company in Manhattan. She is a social media enthusiast and food fiend with a passion for photography and fashion. You can typically find her scrolling through her (two) Instagram feeds or sifting through the racks of a funky thrift store. She is inspired by anyone who can whip up a great dish or style a killer outfit. See what she’s spooning on Insta: @hashtagfoodpic.