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Coming Soon: {Hoboken Cocktail Week} 2018

For the second time in Hoboken history, the Mile Square that we all know and love will play host to an event that celebrates some of our wonderful libations, unique creations, and places that leave Hobokenites never wanting to plan vacations. Cocktail Week 2018 is set to kick-off on June 8th and will run through June 17th. (Yes, we know it’s more than a week, but why limit the fun?)

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Cocktail Week 2017: Rewind

leo's hoboken cocktail weekFor those unlucky souls who did not get a chance to participate last year, and for those who are seeking a quick refresher, this is how Cocktail Week 2017 went down:

We teamed up with 22 bars in town, and each venue dreamed up special cocktails for patrons to try. These cocktails ranged from Firecider Manhattans (at Urban Coalhouse) to Flower Power Lemonade (from Biggie’s) and surely everything in-between.


Each participant carried a Passport with him/her, and upon trying one of the signature cocktails was awarded that location’s stamp. Upon trying each location’s offerings and collecting all stamps, Cocktail Weekers were entered into the drawing for a grand prize of a brand new flat-screen TV. Each drink was also priced to keep the wallets happy, along with additional specials, while all the while making hearts smile :)


Cocktail Week 2018: What to Expect

Now for 2018 you can expect much of the same but with some new special events added to the lineup. This year there will be a Mixology Experiences as well as a Cocktails & Puptails event where each of our beloved pooch’s can join in on the fun.

Each of the amazing participating venues for this year can be seen below:

Each of the above bars will be creating masterpieces utilizing products from the below brands. Check back here for more information as the Cocktail Week menus are finalized and participants are added!

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Written by Steve Jones

Steve is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan living in a small world infested with obnoxious Giants fans who have little to no mental capacity. In addition to sports, he is an avid follower of the TopSZN regime as well as the OVO label and can be found repping either one. When he is not slaving away at his desk, Steve is slugging whiskey at one of the many bars in the best square mile city in the world. Speaking of the world, he loves America more than you could ever imagine because it doesn’t get better than being back to back World War champs. Cheers, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!