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{Drinking Games} to Play with the Family over the Holidays

Tis the season to get drunk with the fam! Bond over the holidays with the family by introducing them to some drinking games, with a holiday twist to them. Whether it’s chill and laid back like while watching Christmas movies, or very interactive and having everyone get competitive, we have the perfect options for you!


Christmas Movie Drinking Games

Home Alone

home alone

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Good luck ya filthy animals!

Santa’s Hat


Put a Santa hat on the corner of your television and turn on the tv. Every time someone looks like they are “wearing” the Santa hat, DRINK!




While watching Elf, drink every time Buddy screams “SANTA!”, runs into something, or calls his dad. Chug whenever he stuffs his face with candy, sings, or dances.


Easy Games with Little Effort 

Christmas Music Drinking Games


This is a simple one. Get your drinks ready and stream a Christmas radio station. Every time a song says “Christmas”, drink. If Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” comes on, CHUG!

Instagram during the Holidays


Take a sip if someone…

…is kissing their significant other under the mistletoe.

…is posting from a tropical island.

…is at SantaCon or an ugly sweater party.

…poses with their dog dressed in festive garb.

…is in front of the tree in Christmas pajamas.

Chug if someone…

…announces their engagement.

…announces their pregnancy.

Eggnog Pong

Hoboken Irish Row Pub Tour Beer Pong

Set it up just like beer pong, except fill a few cups with eggnog instead of beer.


Card/Dice Games 

(Three) Kings



Its like normal Kings, but holiday edition! If someone draws a 10, you MUST do only Christmas-related categories. Jack calls for Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition. And Queen? You are only allowed to speak in Christmas song lyrics.

Cards Against Humanity



Although you can play this anytime of the year, it’s sure to liven up the party and get everyone in the family laughing. There is also the Cards Against Humanity Holiday Pack. The Humanity Hates the Holidays Card Game can be incorporated as an expansion pack for the original game, or is fun to be played as a small mini game!

Written by Rachel Willson

Originally from Upstate New York, Rachel moved to Hoboken two years ago to pursue her passion for all things marketing and fashion. Rachel lives for her weekends and takes pride in making sure all her friends social calendars are full. In her free time, when she isn’t crossing off items on her Hoboken bucket list, Rachel is typically finding joy in things out of her budget, speaking fluently in sarcasm, and crawling her way down Washington St. because yesterday was leg day.