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Here’s Who’s Open During the Hoboken Water Main Break

We will update this post continuously as we get more information, but here’s a list of bars that have confirmed that they are OPEN on Sunday 11/22.

  • The Ale House
  • McSwiggans
  • The Madison
  • The Dubliner
  • Hoboken Bar and Grill
  • Green Rock
  • Louise & Jerry’s
  • Marty O’Brien’s
  • City Bistro
  • Texas Arizona
  • Cadillac Cantina
  • The Stewed Cow
  • Onieal’s
  • Smokin’ Barrel
  • Willie McBride’s
  • McLoone’s

Bonus: Here’s a link to our Football guide for all the specials!

(Cover image via Barsky Gallery Facebook page)