Great American Challenge

15 Beers, 1 Fifth, 1 Pizza, 3 People…HHH Does {The Great American Challenge}

The majority of fun and excitement is usually experienced on the weekend (whether the weekend starts on Wednesday or Thursday has been a century long debate) as that is when most people have free time away from work, classes, and the normal hustle and bustle that comes with life. This week was different though. This week the HHH team decided to get the weekend started early because hey; it’s the summer, and why not? We wanted to do something different than the usual bar outing or weekend ritual; we wanted to do something challenging, something new and exhilarating, something like THE GREAT AMERICAN CHALLENGE.

Now you are probably wondering what in the world the Great American Challenge is. There are many definitions on the internet, but ultimately it is up to the challenge coordinator to define what the true rules are, and for our installment of the game, the rules were as follows:

Teams of 3 will be chosen at random to participate against one another.

Each Team Must:

  • Consist of 1 male and 2 females
  • Finish 15 beers (12 ounces – any beer is acceptable)
  • Finish a 750mL (also known as a fifth) of hard alcohol (at least 80 proof, or 40%)
  • Finish an entire pizza pie
  • Finish a 200-piece puzzle

If a team member does any of the following, the entire team is disqualified:

  • Throws up
  • Passes out or takes a nap
  • Spills any drink or attempts to throw out any beverage or food
  • Leaves the designated playing arena (except to use the restroom – with supervision)

If all challenges are met, all members are crowned as “GREAT AMERICANS”.

Now that the rules are clear to everyone, let’s take a look at the teams and their choices.

America’s Team

Anthony, Britt, Rachel

Americas Team

Of course my team went with a classy clothing theme of Dallas Cowboys jerseys, and we chose Svedka and Bud Light for consumption.


Gab, Taylor, John


This team went with a boat and beach theme and chose Corona Light and Patron.

U.S. of RAGE

Adam, Jen (special guest participant), Amanda

US of Rage

Coors Light and New Amsterdamn


KB, Mike, Lindsay


Skyy Vodka and Bud Light, classic.


As all of the teams assembled and reviewed their strategies and then it was time to begin the festivities. Like all great events, we began the night with a tribute to the best country in the world in the form of the National Anthem. At its conclusion, it was off to the races for each of the valiant teams. Each group began by taking out their puzzles and getting right to work in attempting to (soberly) assemble the tiny pieces to fit together with one another. Mixed drinks were being poured, brews were getting chugged, and pizza began filling everyone’s stomachs.

It was clear that some contestants had much more experience and held a huge advantage when it came to completing the puzzle. One team initially had a member purposely stay away from the puzzle in order to focus on the food and drinks – only to realize that was not an ideal strategy.

The Challenge continues…

After some time, most teams had about half of their alcohol remaining (give or take) and there were only 3 puzzles still being worked on. There was a small spill which caused controversy, but luckily it was a non-game drink, and the team was still in the running towards the finish line.

The Challenge continues…

Another puzzle is completed – however this team has 10 beers and about 1/4 of their hard alcohol remaining. One team is very close to completing their puzzle and has minimal beer and alcohol left. Another team is making very good progress on all items and pacing themselves nicely…will this strategy work?

The Challenge continues…

3 puzzles are done, 1 pizza is done, and the teams are intently focusing on their own tables, but also keeping an eye on the other contestants.

The Challenge continues…

We have a finisher! A big congrats to Shipf@ced for taking the crown!

And with that, the Great American Challenge: Hoboken Happy Hours-style slowly came to an end. All in all, this was surely a Tuesday night to remember. It was filled with laughter, excitement, energy, pizza, puzzles, and American Pride!

Great American Challenge End

A special thank-you goes to Venti Woodstone Pizza and Pasta for their generosity in supplying the food for this event – the teams all greatly enjoyed the pizza! Next time any of our readers want to eat like a HHH Great American, be sure to stop in and grab a slice of your own.

Disclaimer:  If you decide to try this on your own please drink responsibly, and remember personal safety must always remain the top priority. Participants of this event must not overindulge and cause harm to themselves.

Written by Steve Jones

Steve is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan living in a small world infested with obnoxious Giants fans who have little to no mental capacity. In addition to sports, he is an avid follower of the TopSZN regime as well as the OVO label and can be found repping either one. When he is not slaving away at his desk, Steve is slugging whisky at one of the many bars in the best square mile city in the world. Speaking of the world, he loves America more than you could ever image because it doesn’t get better than being back to back World War champs. Cheers, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!