Hit the Pier and Give Me 20: {2018’s Fitness in the Park Series} in Hoboken

Its back y’all, WOOT WOOT! Holla back y’all, WOOT WOOT! Fitness in the Park is back for Summer 2018. Expanded for the first-time last year, Hoboken’s Fitness in the Park offers residents a chance to sample the best fitness classes in the city, four nights a week, from May to August.

If you missed out on the awesome day of free classes during this year’s Hoboken Wellness Crawl, now is your chance! No need to be up in the gym just working on yo’ fitness. These classes are OUTSIDE and completely open to the public.

Mondays: Fitness at Pier A Park 2018

Work it Out, Fitness in the Park, Hoboken

Image: http://workitoutgym.com/blog/-event-fitness-in-the-park.com

Where: 1st Street & Sinatra Drive

When: 7-8pm

Enjoy Classes like: Work it Out’s Sweata Weatha and your new-guaranteed-HIIT-favorite bachata & barbells.


Tuesdays: Yoga at Pier A Park

Fitness in the park, Hoboken

A snap from last year’s yoga class! #views

Where: 1st Street & Sinatra Drive

When: 7-8pm

Enjoy Classes like: Local Favorites Surya Yoga and Honor Yoga. Na’maste outside, yo!


Wednesdays: Fitness Under the 14th Street Viaduct

Hoboken, Fitness in the Park, Viaduct

Image: www.hobokennj.gov

Where: 14th Street, between Grand & Adams Streets

When: 6:30-7:30pm

Enjoy Classes like: Your quads will be shaking with Train Jane from Jane DO studio and Local Barre.


Thursdays: Yoga & Pilates at Maxwell Place Park

Hoboken, Fitness in the Park

Image: www.hobokengirl.com

Where: Sinatra Drive North between 11th & 12th Streets

When: 7-8pm

Enjoy Classes like: Not your Mother’s Pilates Class! With Bum Pilates (Cut to me shaking my bum in the mirror singing “Boyyyyy, I ain’t cho’ mama”.)


Looking for a more intense sweat? Try the Bootcamp Fitness Series, Thursday evenings from 7-7:45pm at the new Pop-Up Park located at 12th & Adams Street. Or are you just trying to quiet your mind and find your center? Try Meditation in the Park, Wednesday evenings from 7-7:45pm, at Pier C Park (east side of Pier C on small hillside, facing city).

Hoboken, Pop Up Park, Fitness in the park

Pop-Up Park located at 12th Street and Adams Street; Image: www.patch.com

Grab your squad and drop them squats. We got all summer long to counteract those Spring Lakers from the weekend. Here a few of the classes we are most looking forward to:

  • “I’m most excited about the August 13, Color of Love class. I’ve always thought pilates was fun, but never a really great workout — but this one is described as a cardio pilates class, so I think it might be just the combination I’m looking for!” – Joanne K
  • “I’m definitely planning on going to as many of the Hudson Yoga Project classes as I can, because I love their studio, style, and instructors. And it’s free! And I’m excited to try Jane Do because it’s different. There are also a bunch of yoga studios that I haven’t ever heard of, seen, walked by, etc., so it’ll be nice to experience them, which will motivate me to seek out their studios.” – Cat S
  • “I am excited to try out some new classes I’ve been curious about but haven’t gotten the chance to take, like JaneDo, Honor Yoga, and Hudson Yoga Project. I also love that the classes under the Viaduct are an option since I live closer to there, and those classes are more feasible for my work schedule.” – Amanda E
  • “I’m most excited to take Vanessa Checchio’s Bachata & Barbells High Frequency HIIT class on June 25th. I met Vanessa through Intrepid Gym, one of the many places she coaches and trains. I’ve taken her classes at Intrepid before and was nothing shy of motivated and ready to kick ass. I am excited to see what she brings to Fitness in the Park, which she said is, ‘one of her favorite class environments to teach in’.” – Jen K
  • “My favorite yoga teacher teaches at Surya [Yoga], so I hope to get to some of those classes! There’s just something about doing yoga outside in the fresh air while staring at the best city in the world. So, I’m just looking forward to all yoga on the Pier.” – Krista S

Complete list of classes and descriptions can be found here. Can’t see wait to see you all out there doing your best semi-balanced-tree-pose with the Pier A skyline in the background, just don’t forget to tag us, @hobohappyhours!

Written by Krista Behr

A tri-state native and Hoboken resident of 3 years, Krista has made it her mission to leave her mark on all the photo booths in town. A pop culture fanatic, you can always count on her to know the name of that guy who starred in that movie…on the Disney channel…15 years ago. Krista is constantly trying to find the balance between answering FOMO’s siren call and her inner desire to binge-watch the latest show for 18 hours straight. Similar to Starburst, she is a walking contradiction.