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Hoboken’s Sweet Sixteen: 16 {Sweetest Treats} Ranked

In lieu of March Madness and the Sweet Sixteen that started yesterday, it is our duty at Hoboken Happy Hours to bring you the greatest sweets available in the Mile Square.

Whether you like chocolate (if you don’t like chocolate please email me immediately to tell me why), cookies, donuts, or cupcakes, this list below will keep you busy for a while as you try all that Hoboken has to offer in the sweets department.

16. Empanadas Café

empanadas cafe hoboken

Photo: hMAG

New on the block and already making a splash. Argentinians sweets are the only option after stuffing your face with delicious empanadas.

15. Old German Bakery

old german bakery hobokenYes, this place serves more than just bread. Lots of great options from croissants to this Raspberry Basket.

14. Johnny Rockets

johnny rockets hobokenThis list can’t get too deep into it without talking about milkshakes. Best. Hangover cure. Ever. This chain that prides itself on old school vibes really knows their stuff when it comes to whipping up milk and ice cream.

13. Carlo’s Bakery

carlos bakery hobokenSome of us love this place, some of hate that fact that it’s always filled with tourists. What you can’t deny is their cookies. The classic chocolate chip never steered anybody wrong.

12. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

rocky mountain chocolate factory hobokenI bet many of you didn’t know there was one of these in Hoboken! It’s sneakily hidden within Cold Stone Creamery. Who doesn’t love a caramel apple every once in a while?

11. Ben & Jerry’s

ben and jerrys hobokenOf course, you can buy this at any store with a freezer, but there’s nothing like getting it from Ben & Jerry’s itself. Milk & Cookies flavor in your favorite cone will not disappoint. Bonus: Free Cone Day April 12th!

10. Sweet

sweet cupcakes hobokenSuch a great spot near the park. Great for parties, gatherings, or testing how much sugar you can inhale in one sitting.

9. Amanda Bananas Food Truck

amanda bananas

Photo: @amandabananasnj

Want to eat dessert while being super healthy? This popular food truck has all kinds of toppings (Alert: Not all super healthy. Chocolate chips anyone?) for your cup of frozen banana goodness.

8. Cadillac Cantina

cadillac cantina churrosThese things are no joke. I had these during Restaurant Week and absolutely did not regret my choice. We’ve all eaten churros before, but never have I had them with icing and syrup drizzled on top of them.

7. Schnackenburg’s

schnackenbergs hobokenCookies, donuts, chocolates, candies, you name it. Join in on the Easter festivities with holiday cookies, chocolate bunnies, and even guess the number of jelly beans in the jar for prize!

6. Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes

jarets stuffed cupcakes hobokenThese bad boys are revolutionary. The icing on top makes a cupcake a cupcake, but why not step it up a notch and infiltrate the cake with custard?!

5. 16 Handles

16 handles hobokenI have a special place in my heart for 16 Handles as the CEO went to my alma mater. Nonetheless, this place absolutely delivers the best Fro-Yo in Hoboken. Bonus: After you make your creation, sit by the water and enjoy an amazing NYC view.

4. City of Saints

city of saints hoboken doughHave you heard of Dough in New York? No need to travel, as Dough now supplies City of Saints with their out of this world donuts. Please note the photo: Hibiscus with coconut.

3. Lepore’s Homemade Chocolates

lepores hobokenThis place is classic in its purist form. Homemade chocolates from an incredible woman who will kill you with kindness. She is so amazing in describing each and every chocolate. Don’t be surprised if you get to try a few samples while you are ordering.

2. Lexylicious Custom Ice Cream Sandwiches

lexylicious food truck hoboken

Do you feel too old to eat your favorite kids cereal for breakfast? Have no fear. Lexylicious makes your favorite cereal into a bun for an ICE CREAM SANDWICH. Dessert is better than breakfast anyway.

1. Blue Eyes

blue eyes hobokenThis thing should be illegal. So many incredible things put into one on this Nutella / Cannoli Pizza. Order a full nutella or full cannoli pizza when you get to Blue Eyes. This is a must order, I don’t care how full you think you are.