Hoboken’s 13 Most Devourable Burgers {According to Team HHH}

Hooray, it’s National Burger Day! With so many types of burgers to choose from and so many restaurants in Hoboken that serve them, we bet you’re in a pickle. To get you out of that pickle, and to what’s on the plate alongside it, here’s a roundup of the most delectable, delicious, devourable (I know this isn’t actually a word) burgers in the Mile Square, according to the highly qualified HHH team.

1. The Ainsworth Mac & Cheese Burger

Mac and Cheese Burger Ainsworth


What is it? Panko crusted mac & cheese patty, beef patty, mac & cheese, sesame bun.
“All of my favorite things under one bun. And don’t even get me started on the fries.” – Michelle L.


2. Onieal’s 3 B’s Burger

oniealsWhat is it? Blackened, with crispy bacon and blue cheese crumbles.
“The patty has has a nice char, plus blue cheese on anything is okay by me, and BACON.” – Britt T.


3. The Shepherd & the Knucklehead Breakfast Burger

the shepherd & the knucklehead exteriorWhat is it? Bacon and cheddar, topped with a fried egg.
“It’s just really good.” – Mike M.


4. Antique Bar & Bakery Dirty Burger (brunch only)

antique dirty burger


What is it? Salty cheese, sweet pickles, spicy fries.
“It has a great roll, lots of cheese, fries on top, and a round patty…it’s v. unique.” – Gab C.


5. Taphaus Turkey Burger

taphaus burgerWhat is it? Brioche bun, gruyere, avocado, frisee, lemon vinaigrette.
“Despite being huge and fat, I still managed to inhale this burger. It was that good.” – Krista B.


6. Moran’s Burger



What is it? Pat La Frieda custom-blend patty, Irish-style rasher bacon, Irish cheddar, arugula, crispy onions, truffle mayo, sesame seed brioche.
“It’s always cooked perfectly, and very juicy.” – John C.


7. Green Rock Burger



What is it? 8 oz. of lean ground beef, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a toasted English muffin.
“It’s unexpectedly dope.” – Britt T.


8. Pilsener Haus Wycoff Farm Turkey Burger



What is it? Served w/ lettuce, tomato & onion; add American, Gorgonzola, or Gruyere cheese.
“So juicy, an unexpected runner up to their plethora of sausage menu items.” – Amanda E.


9. Arthur’s Burger

arthurs hoboken

What is it? All beef burger served with lettuce, tomato, onion & fries.
“I order it with a side of mashed potatoes instead of fries and dunk that bad boy right in there. Game changer.” – Krista S.


10. Carpe Diem Veggie Burger



What is it? House-made patty with zucchini, squash, carrots, corn, peppers and onions, and panko.
“It’s just the best veggie burger in all the land. Even non-vegetarians should try it!” – Taylor B.


11. Bareburger Be My Burger

BareburgerWhat is it? Build your own barest burger with your choice of bread, toppings, patty and sauce.
“No matter what kind of burger I’m in the mood for, Bareburger delivers. I reccomend at least 5 toppings.” – Cat S.

12. 10th & Willow Willow Ave. Burger

10th and willow

What is it? Bacon, cheddar, mayo & ketchup.
“It’s cooked perfectly and has a solid roll. None of that dry bread bullshit.” – Adam S.


13. Turtle Club Summer Burger



What is it? 8 oz Truglio’s ground beef with bacon, avocado & cheese.
“I love that they use local meat + avocado. #basicbitch” – Joanne K.

Written by Cat Shaw

Cat is a New Jersey native and super proud of it. Her love of Hoboken becomes apparent when anyone from across the Hudson tries to degrade the beloved Mile Square. When not at her 9 to 5 travel industry gig, she can be found sweating it out in spin class, experimenting in the kitchen with her prized KitchenAid mixer, reading at Pier A, or—let’s be honest—devouring a Luca Brasi chicken parm sandwich while binge watching Netflix.