Keep That Summer Bod: 15 {Quick and Healthy Food Spots} in Hoboken

Let’s be honest, those pounds you put on from Snow Day burgers, football Sunday chili and red wine Netflix binges weren’t easy to work off. You’ve pushed all spring to squeeze in as many spin classes, ear muff runs and leg days as possible to achieve the perfect beach bod in time for MDW.

It’s the season of Happy Hour Tuesdays, Rosé Thursdays and Beach Bar Saturdays, and with all those liquid calories, it’s harder than ever to keep that summer bod! But with swim suit season in full swing, you don’t want to lose all that progress now!

To make it easier, we put together a list of quick and healthy spots in Hoboken to help you squeeze in a nutritious meal between full glasses, full weekend plans and full body work outs!

1. Acai Ya Later

acai ya later

Washington Street Acai Bowl & BYO Pitaya Bowl @ Acai Ya Later

203 Washington Street – Acai Ya Later keeps it simple with a menu consisting of only (you guessed it) acai & pitaya bowls. With fresh bases that are bright in color and the perfect texture, these bowls will not disappoint. Top your bowl with all the classics, like crispy granola, fresh almond butter and ripe strawberries. Plus, protect the planet and grab a boxed water over bottled!


2. Bareburger

bareburger impossible burger

Impossible Burger, Crispy Brussel Sprouts & Berry Blue Salad

515 Washington Street – A veggie burger that tastes like meat?! Impossible!!! Not anymore. Bareburger boasts a lot of healthy treats, like fresh salads, veggie-based sides and organic sauces. But they are most famous of course, for the Impossible Burger! A plant-based burger that tastes, looks and even bleeds like a beef burger. This thing is so good you’ll have yourself believing you’re not eating veggies!


3. Bluestone Lane

bluestone lane

Avocado Toast & Gluten Free Banana Bread @ Bluestone Lane

409 Washington Street – Okay, so we all know that brunch is 90% about the vibe. So, if you’re looking to sacrifice calories, but not style, Bluestone Lane is perfect for you! Chic white tables and blue accents create the perfect atmosphere to accompany fresh pressed juices, avocado toasts, and GF takes on classics like waffles & banana bread! This place has “food insta” written all over it! Can you say #healthyfoodporn?!


4. Gogi Grill

gogi grill

Photo courtesy of @gogigrill

79 Hudson Street – Self-proclaimed as “Korean BBQ to Go”, Gogi Grill combines all of the flavors that you love from sit-down Korean BBQ with the convenience of on-the-go takeout. Build your own bowl, burrito, tacos or salad from Korean classics like marinated short rib, gochujang chicken and kimchi.


5. Honeygrow


Stir Fry Bowls w/ Whole Grain Noodles @ Honey Grow

120 Washington Street – Healthy Lo Mein? Check! Chopped Salads? Check! Honey Drizzled Fruit? Check! Honey Grow has a lot of variety in the healthy department. Opt for stir fry with a base of fresh whole wheat noodles, or go even healthier with a build-your-own crisp salad. Want something sweet? Visit the “Honey Bar” for fruit topped with craft honey and shaved coconut or granola!


6. Juice Press

the juice press

Post-Soul Cycle “Advanced Berry Blend” from Juice Press

1400 Washington Street – If you haven’t joined the Soul Cycle gang yet, you may have missed Juice Press nestled on 14th & Washington. But next time you’re looking for a fresh, healthy treat, allow the sweat-soaked “Soul” patrons to lead you to the neon Soul Cycle sign where to the left you will find Juice Press. Fresh smoothies adorn their monstrous menu and a fridge filled with grab-and-go healthy meals, herb shots and bottled juices lines the entire left wall.


7. Makai Poke Co.

makai poke pizza

Poke Pizza!!!

521 Washington Street – Poke is one of the hottest food trends of recent history, and Makai Poke takes it to the next level with twists like Poke Pizza and Island Hot Dogs. Makai prides themselves on the freshness of their ingredients with all local, organic produce. Their “Boat-to-Bowl” philosophy also promises that they only serve the highest grade, sustainably caught fish in their restaurant.


8. Playa Bowls

playa bowls hoboken

Yummy Playa Bowls on a quaint window seat

100 Hudson Street – The Jersey Shore cult favorite has finally made it to Hoboken! Offering not only acai bowls, but also a long list of green bowls and neon pink pitaya bowls, PB has a lot of variety. And for those who prefer to drink their fruit, they also have a ton of scrumptious smoothies. Plus, have you seen the Instagram possibilities inside the shop?! Limitless!


9. Pure Pita

pure pita

Quick, healthy takeout from Pure Pita

324 Washington Street – Now watch me DIP, now watch me NANA! Pure Pita rocks the app game with healthy, homemade dips like tzatziki, hummus & babaganoush. For the main event, salads, platters and paninis offer a wide variety of healthy options. Sides like garbanzo beans, lentil soup and cauliflower really round out the meal without rounding out your belly!


10. Quality Greens Kitchen

quality greens hoboken

Build Your Own Bowl w/ Sweets, Brussels & Herb Chicken

227 Washington Street – Quality Greens kitchen has a lot going for them, from their prime location on downtown Washington to their trendy greenery walls and stocked juice fridges. This is the perfect spot for gym bros and basic chicks alike. A long buffet filled with classics like roasted veggies, grilled meats and grains creates the perfect opportunity for a customizable, healthy meal on the go.


11. Shaka Bowl

shaka bowl

Build your own bowl with Avocado, Spicy Tuna and Black Sesame Seeds

720 Monroe Street – Shaka Bowl is one of the only “bowl shops” in Hoboken boasting both sweet and savory bowls. Choose from a traditional, refreshing acai bowl with nut butters, fresh fruit and shaved coconut, or go the more unconventional route with a fresh, filling poke bowl topped with avocado, organic proteins and crisp seeds!


12. Simply Juiced

Simply Juiced

Photo courtesy of @simplyjuiced_hoboken

262 1st Street – If you are all about #shoplocal, then the adorable Simply Juiced is for you! This local Hoboken spot has fresh smoothies, unique bowls and of course allllll the juices! Stop by to pick up everything you need for your next big cleanse, or swing in before your morning commute for a fresh, healthy breakfast on the go!


13. South Street Fish & Ramen Co.

south street sushi burrito

Sushi Burrito with purple rice, spicy tuna and crisp veggies

219 Washington Street – South Street Fish & Ramen Co. has some of the best ramen in town! But if you’re looking to skip the heavy broth and fatty proteins, they’ve got you covered there, too. Their healthier options include poke bowls, cold noodle bowls and sushi burritos. With ingredients like fresh fish, crisp vegetables, forbidden rice mixtures and house-made noodles, you’ll love to build your own bowl or burrito at South Street.


14. The Little Grocery

the little grocery

Whole Grain Panini @ The Little Grocery Uptown

214 Jefferson Street & 1212 Washington Street – The Little Grocery offers a menu filled with fresh omelettes, big salads, interesting quiches and filling sandwiches. All of their unique menu items include fresh, local ingredients like free-range eggs, multigrain Balthazar bread and house made spreads. Have your next breakfast or lunch at a quaint cafe table in either their uptown or downtown location.


15. Total Nutrition Kitchen

total nutrition kitchen

Photo Courtesy of @tnkhoboken

322 Washington Street – TNK has the proof right in the name that they are a hot spot for all things nutritious! They’ve got all the classics like smoothies, acai bowls and blended juices. But for the true nutrition junkie, their “Fresh Fit Meals” are the real winners. An absolute dream for meal prep lovers, these meals have turkey meatballs, sweet potatoes, grilled chicken, broccoli & more.

Written by Tabi Krier

Tabi is Jersey-born, but took a brief stint as a “Hey y’all”-saying, college basketball loving, southern girl while attending the University of Kentucky! GO CATS!! Now landing back up north, she can be found in her preferred color wheel (black, grey & white), with sneakers on her feet and an aggressively long walking stride. Tabi is constantly trying to balance equal but conflicting obsessions with mac & cheese, bourbon and bathing suits, but mac & cheese and bourbon always win.