Hoboken {March Madness} Drinking Game: 2018 Edition

March Madness: the time of year when basketball fans rejoice at the frequency and intensity of quality ball games. As 64 teams battle it out for just 4 spots at the big dance, there’s a lot more on the line than your office’s bracket pool.

Selection Sunday has come and gone, your teams made it (or didn’t), you’ve submitted your final bracket and you’ve got the Hoboken Specials, so really all that’s left to do is party. With 15-2 upsets in the air and underdogs leading the pack, there will be plenty of excitement this March Madness season. But in case you needed a little more, we’ve created a drinking game that is sure to make things interesting.

The concept is simple: Drink, chug, take a shot, or finish your drink based on the rules below.

The Rules

Drink for any of these…

tally ho

Drink from Tally-Ho pitchers! Just $9.99 on game day!

  • For every shirtless fan (Hey, they need a drunk blanket, too. Watch out for those Duke fans…)
  • Every time a player under the age of 21 is shown (Watch out during Kentucky games…)
  • Every time someone says “Cinderella Story” (Throw in a sip for “underdog” and “upset”, too.)
  • Whenever Dick Vitale says “Baby” or “Unbelievable” (Make sure to take small sips on this one.)


Chug for any of these…

hoq march madness specials

Chug from this beer tower at House of ‘Que – $20 during all games!

  • For every 3 pointer: 3 seconds, of course! (Watch out during BYU games.)
  • During your favorite team’s opening huddle (If you don’t have one, chug during the next timeout.)
  • Every time a family member is shown on TV (Chug ’til the camera pans away if it’s a “hot girlfriend”.)
  • For every upset: 1 second for each difference in ranking (Watch out for those 15 v. 2s!)


Take a shot for any of these… 

shannon march madness

Toss back $4 Green Tea Shots, $5 House Shots OR $6 mixed drinks at The Shannon

  • Whenever your team loses to your friend’s (And yeah, you gotta buy them one, too.)
  • Whenever your team beats your friend’s (And yeah, the shot is on them this time.)
  • If a player or coach from your team gets a technical (Sorry, Notre Dame fans.)
  • If a player makes an impossible shot (Buzzer beater “and 1” , half-court, or backwards)


Finish your drink for any of these…

wicked wolf drinks

Finish off a $3 Angry Orchard, Sam Adams 76 or $3 Truly Seltzers @Wicked Wolf

  • An announcer says “Dilly Dilly” (And then immediately buy a Bud Light)
  • Your team wins at the buzzer (And maybe buy another drink, too.)
  • “Hoboken” is mentioned (And throw out a little “woot woot”!)
  • The band plays your “F*ing Jam” (Because, what’s more hype than that?)
  • A 16-1 upset happens (Enough said— but be careful…anything can happen in March!)


Disclaimer: please drink responsibly and adjust consumption based on your size/ beverage. Let the MADNESS begin!

P.S. No cheating. I think University of Louisville taught us that :)

Tabi is Jersey-born, but took a brief stint as a “Hey y’all”-saying, college basketball loving, southern girl while attending the University of Kentucky! GO CATS!! Now landing back up north, she can be found in her preferred color wheel (black, grey & white), with sneakers on her feet and an aggressively long walking stride. Tabi is constantly trying to balance equal but conflicting obsessions with mac & cheese, bourbon and bathing suits, but mac & cheese and bourbon always win.