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Maxwell’s Tavern: Weekend Music {Roundup}

Maxwell’s Tavern had some great music this weekend, including a sold out show on Saturday night. If you didn’t go to any of the shows, you severely missed out on a good time. Luckily, we were in attendance and snapped some photos so you can see what you were missing and not make the same mistake again. For those of you who were there, re-live the magic below!

The musicians that performed this past weekend were:

  • The Nerds
  • Corevalay
  • Civic
  • Pralaya
  • Face The King
  • Born Cages
  • Deaf Rhino

Don’t forget to check out all of the upcoming shows at Maxwell’s on our events calendar!


CivicMaxwells Pralaya DeafRhino DeafRhino1 DeafRhino2 FaceTheKingMaxwells Pralaya1