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New Brunch Menu Alert! Eat Like the Irish at {Ferryman on 1st}

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that things look a little different at the intersection of 1st and Bloomfield. Once home to Marty O’Brien’s, 94 Bloomfield Street now houses The Ferryman on 1st. Brought to you by the same owner of Hoboken’s Willie McBride’s (at 6th and Grand Streets), you can find some similarities between the two, including some of the best food items on the menu – brunch included!

On Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-3pm, you can enjoy the new Ferryman brunch specials, which (include) classic Irish fare like the Ferryman Full Irish Breakfast and Fresh Corned Beef Hash and Eggs, as well as drink specials like mimosa and beer pitchers to share with your friends! If you want a hearty brunch that is light on the wallet, but heavy on the pours, look no further than The Ferryman.

The Food

ferryman full brunch

We were happy to hear our server recommend most of the dishes on the menu, but it did not make it any easier to decide! We opted to try the Buffalo Chicken Sliders as an appetizer before diving into our entrees.

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

ferryman slider

Luckily these came 3 to a plate, because there were 3 of us (so no fighting). These babies are pulled chicken drowned in buffalo sauce, and topped with bleu cheese sauce. There was so much delicious sauce that it escaped out of the bun when you took a bite! All the more to mop up with your bun…

Turkey Burger

ferryman turkey burger

This juicy patty is a good counterpart to the Classic Burger. And it comes with guac. Spoiler alert: the guac ISN’T extra!

Omelette Station

ferryman omelette

Make your own flavor experience by creating your own omelette out of the several ingredient choices on the menu; veggies, meats, and cheeses. Choose 3 things to add to your fluffy eggs, or add more if you’re having a hard time deciding!

Irish Chicken Club

ferryman Irish chicken club

This stack is served with thick Irish bacon and a generous slathering of bourbon sauce that soaks right into the bread!


The Drinks

ferryman mimosas

Choose from mimosas or draft beers to complement your entrees. Share a pitcher with friends or opt for a single drink for $2 or $4. And if you’re not into sharing, any pitcher can be a personal pitcher if you try hard enough!

  • $2 Mimosas
  • $14 Mimosa Pitchers
  • $4 Select Draft Beer
  • $14 Select Draft Beer Pitchers


The Verdict

No matter which entree or drink choices you make, you just can’t go wrong at Ferryman on 1st. And if you can’t try everything during your first visit, head back the next weekend and order something different!

Written by Amanda Eitzen

A local since 2013, Amanda fancies herself a Hoboken guru; generously imposing her bar and restaurant opinions on friends and strangers who never ask for it. If you don’t see her at happy hour, she’s doing 9-to-5 marketing, sweating in some sort of fitness routine, or chowing down on delicious, yet healthy, foods. Follow @411fitlife to see what she’s up to besides grabbing drinks around town.