New Kids On The Block: {Hoboken Openings and Closings In December 2018}

As we said goodbye to 2018, and prepared for living our best lives in 2019, a few restaurants opened and closed in our Mile Square city. Here’s the breakdown of Hoboken’s December openings and closings.


Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

artichoke pizza

Instagram Credit: @ArtichokePizza

Announced back in November, the beloved NYC late-night food spot, Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, will be opening a Hoboken location at 96 Hudson Street (can I get a Hallelujah?!) You’re going to inevitably cheat on your New Year’s Resolution diet anyways, but this is the place to hold out on for it. Stay tuned for an official opening date!

Brooklyn Bagelry

brooklyn bagelry

Instagram Credit: @bkbagelry

Starting 40 years ago in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bagelry is blessing us with their presence at 832 Washington Street after a successful opening in Aberdeen Township. I don’t know about you, but I sure am pumped for another bagel spot…you can never have too many bagels!

House of ‘Que – Weehawken

house of que weehawken

Instagram Credit: @houseofque

While this new restaurant is in Weehawken, we have to give it a special shoutout, because it’s the second location for our beloved House of ‘Que. The “new location serves up authentic Austin-style barbecue amidst the most sought-after waterfront locations – all with sweeping views of the picturesque Manhattan skyline.” Check it out; it’s open now!

Proven Poke Co.

proven poke

Image Credit: Proven Poke Co.

Another Poke spot! Coming soon to 1401 Hudson Street is Proven Poke Co. With locations already open in Montclair and Asbury Park, they’ve been around the New Jersey block for quite some time now. Who’s looking forward to trying their “Heat Wave?”



Image Credit: Saku Hoboken

We may have grieved the loss of Turtle Club, but now it is time to welcome Saku with open arms. Taking over the previous location, Saku boasts itself as “a new spot in town that mixes unique ideas, working from traditional concepts.” Having just opened at the end of last year, the restaurant serves up a delicious menu alongside its cocktail bar.



Biggie’s Restaurant


It is with great sadness that after 72 years, one of Hoboken’s downtown staples has shuttered their doors. You know it for the giant Clam Broth House sign pointing down at it. This beloved restaurant was Biggie’s, and New Year’s Eve was their last hoorah. We’ll definitely miss it, but we’re excited to see what else is in store for the space.

Written by Lindsay Steidl

Lindsay grew up in the middle of nowhere, Connecticut, where cell service wasn’t a thing (for real, “No Service” was a constant notice on her phone). But her love for pizza and all things marketing & social media brought her to the big city, and eventually to the other side of the river. Lindsay is on a constant search for the best slice of Buffalo Chicken pizza and the best Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a croissant…Any suggestions?! When she is not eating or drinking, you can find her biking up the Hudson River Walkway or traveling the world. She also swears that death glare isn’t directed at you, she just has a case of RBF. She actually really likes people!