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One Bite! Everybody Knows the Rules: Barstool Comes to Hoboken

We were psyched to learn that “Davey Pageviews” from Barstool Sports made his FIRST EVER trip to Hoboken on Tuesday. This trip had one goal: try the pizza hailing from Napoli’s.

For those not in-the-know, Barstool Sports’ Founder Dave Portnoy takes daily trips to pizza shops all over New York to taste and score based on his self-proclaimed expertise. You have to give it to him, though; he’s tried quite a bit. Portnoy has never been to Hoboken before Tuesday’s visit as he “only leaves Manhattan…for pizza.” Of the two Napoli’s locations in Hoboken, Portnoy took his talents to 1118 Washington Street, as 133 Clinton Street is closed on Tuesdays.

Dave is one honest judge and doesn’t give high scores just for fun. While trying Napoli’s pizza, Dave supported the all-star pizza, saying, “I can jam with this pizza.”

If Portnoy is a true pizza champion, he will make his way to Hoboken Pizza Fest this year.

Below is the extended cut of the visit to Napoli’s. Check it out, and let us know in the comments if you agree with Dave’s opinion!


Written by Adam Smith

Adam not only enjoys long walks on the beach and romantic comedies (he’s serious), but he also loves playing hockey, hanging out with his pals, and giving self-proclaimed top-notch high fives. When he’s not rooting on his Denver Broncos or USC Trojans, he’s cruising the streets of Hoboken in search of the coldest pint and the cheesiest pizza. His top two life goals are as follows: play on a blob (Heavyweights, anyone?) and swim in a life size pool of Mac n’ Cheese.