Pucker Up: Which Hoboken {Citrus Cocktail} Will You Love?

Citrus: the ingredient you need in your kitchen and your bar at any given time–and there’s no better season to get the refreshing benefits than when we are living under a blanket of sticky summer heat. Which of the four most popular citrus fruits will you fill your cocktail with in Hoboken?




Hotel Victor totally revamped their look, which came complete with an upgrade to their food and drink menus. You can now sip on their Cucumber Limeade (Effen Cucumber vodka, fresh lime juice, and club soda, served on the rocks) among the bright, tropical vibe. It’s light and tart without being syrupy or too sweet.




Lemonade is the classic summer drink–and The Madison’s Misunderstood Lemonade (Misunderstood Ginger Spiced Whiskey, cucumber, homemade lemonade) is better than any cup you ever bought off the neighbor kid’s dinky homemade stand for 25-cents. The whiskey gives the kick, and the cucumber and lemon follow to soothe.




Grapefruit seems to be having a moment with alcohol–everyone is ordering a splash of it with just about any liquor. Gather your trendiest pals around Wicked Wolf’s Paloma (Don Julio tequila, Owen’s Grapefruit, lime juice) an extra-large mule-style cocktail meant to be shared between 2 to 4 people. Do not make the mistake of assuming this XL drink is weak–the tequila rings through loud and clear.




While the jalapeño in Hotel Victor’s Jalapeno Blood Orange Margarita (Casamigos silver, Cointreau, Blood Orange juice, lime, jalepeno, 1/2 salt rim garnish) is the star of the show, the blood orange makes for one heck of a supporting role. This spicy drink has a mellow sweetness that doesn’t overpower.

Written by Brittany Temple

Brittany is a bona fide Jersey girl (sans stereotypical sky-high hair) with an obnoxious laugh and a super fast-paced walk. You can hear her work on SiriusXM where she produces the political talk show “Make It Plain with Mark Thompson.” In her free time she can often be found using the reliable combo of blind faith and beer to cheer on the Devils, Jets and Yankees. Oh, and, she’s not yelling at you–that’s just her natural volume.