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UPDATED Roll Round Up: Your Guide to Hoboken’s {14 Sushi Spots}

Hoboken has no shortage of delicious cuisines, and sushi is part of that culinary diversity around town. Whether you’re big into the variety of seafood choices or just enjoy eating vegetables wrapped in rice and seaweed, there’s plenty of places from the north to the south of Hoboken to dine-in or grab a roll to go.

1. Asia Sushi and Chinese

bob_eats asia sushi

Photo: @bobs_eats

Location: 926 Washingon Street

This was actually the first sushi restaurant I ever visited in Hoboken (throwback to Hoboken LepreCon 2013!). You can’t go wrong with any of these rolls – get yourself a classic California or a Philadelphia roll.


2. Ayame

ayame sushi hoboken_eats

Photo: @hoboken_eats

Location: 526 Washington Street

If you’re not trying to watch an onion-fire volcano and drink sake from a squirt bottle, try the sushi at Ayame. Watching your waistline? Get a roll wrapped in veggies!


3. Illuzion

illuzion sushi

Photo: @therealkaylacappiello

Location: 337 Washington Street

Easily in my Top 3 favorites list, Illuzion was where I had my “first day of work” lunch after I started working in Hoboken. I like to kick my meal off with a good ol’ ginger dressing garden salad, but you do you, boo-boo.


4. Makai Poke Co.

makai sushi pizza

Photo: @brbcookingdinner

Location: 521 Washington Street

Makai has combined two favorites and “rolled” them into one – pun intended. Grab one or more of their sushi pizzas for your next party and you and your friends can “rice” the roof!


5. Okinawa Sushi Grill

eatuphoboken Okinawa sushi

Photo: @eatuphoboken

Location: 400 Newark Street

This is a bit of a hidden gem. Grab a bottle of something at Hoboken Vine and walk down the strip to Okinawa for a nice meal out. Maybe a little tuna tartar appetizer before you dig into a specialty roll? Treat yo self.


6. Precious

h31._green_dragon_roll precious


Location: 128 Washington Street

I never thought to have a sushi roll with peanuts in it, but Precious put the idea out there, and I said “alrighty then”. This is a great spot to pick up a roll or two on your way home from the PATH train.


7. Rice Shop

hobokenhungry rice shop sushi

Photo: @hobokenhungry

Location: 304 Washington Street

Rice Shop is the meeting point of several types of Asian foods; Chinese, Thai, Japanese, etc. If you’re feeling like sushi but your dinner guest wants something different, you can please both your palates in one place!


8. Robongi

robongi sushi hoboken_eats

Photo: @hoboken_eats

Location: 520 Washington Street

Can you say “sake bomb”?? Not only is this place BYOB, but once the sun goes down, the lights and music go up and you’ll probably want to pound your fists on the table until your sake shot drops! Maybe order some rolls for the table so you have something else in your stomach.


9. Saku

saku sushi

Location: 936 Park Avenue

In place of the old Turtle Club, Saku not only brings us sushi, but also a bar area with new cocktails and even live music! Spend a nice evening out here with friends, family, or a significant other.


10. South Street Fish & Ramen Co.

south street sushi burrito

Photo: @hashtagfoodpic

Location: 219 Washington Street

South Street Fish & Ramen Co. gets points for versatility – opt for ramen, a poke rice bowl, or poke salad bowl, but we happen to like the sushi burrito best!


11. Sushi House

sushi house

Location: 155 1st Street

Whether you’re looking for a romantic candle-lit evening with your SO or a place to split a bottle with your friends over dinner, Sushi House delivers. I haven’t had a roll there yet I haven’t liked!


12. Sushi Lounge

sushi lounge

Photo: @therealkaylacappiello

Location: 200 Hudson Street

The only sushi place in Hoboken that has a full bar, Sushi Lounge is a place you’ll want to hang with a martini or a glass of sangria while daintily using your chopsticks. (Or requesting a fork, if you’re me.)


13. Ubu

Sush Special Combo Ubu


Location: 205 Hudson Street

You want great service with your sushi? Ubu has it all. This spot is a little off the beaten path over on Hudson Street, but you’ll want to make it one of your stops.


14. Yeung II

yeung ii

Photo: @brbcookingdinner

Location: 1120 Washington Street

I’ve eaten in, I’ve taken out, and the food never disappoints. If you’re in the uptown Hoboken crowd, this is a place you need to know!

Written by Amanda Eitzen

A local since 2013, Amanda fancies herself a Hoboken guru; generously imposing her bar and restaurant opinions on friends and strangers who never ask for it. If you don’t see her at happy hour, she’s doing 9-to-5 marketing, sweating in some sort of fitness routine, or chowing down on delicious, yet healthy, foods. Follow @411fitlife to see what she’s up to besides grabbing drinks around town.