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Say Cheese! The 11 {Cheesiest Dishes} in Hoboken

This may sound CHEESY, but I’m seriously in love with cheese. It’s just so GOUDA! You can’t disaBRIE with that. If you have a cheese addiction like me, you MUTZ make your way down this list and feast on some of the cheesiest dishes Hoboken has to offer. I’ve done some serious research on this topic and I can promise you that they’re all GRATE. Not to mention, the cheese pulls will make you MELT.

1. House of ‘Que: Nachos (with chips or fries)

house of que nachos

Finally the nachos you’ve all been looking for. Never stick your hand into a pile of chips (or fries) and come out cheeseless again. I guarantee that you won’t have a chip that’s not smothered in cheese at House of ‘Que. Add some pulled pork, and you’re good to go.


2. Biggie’s: Spinach Artichoke Dip

biggies spinach artichoke

If you’re going to eat cheese, why not consume some vegetables with it. The spinach artichoke dip at Biggie’s gives you a healthy serving of veggies and an even healthier serving of gooey cheese.


3. The Madison: French Onion Soup Dumplings

Madison dumplings

You never knew you needed dumplings with cheese until you’ve experienced it. These caramelized onion dumplings are topped with provolone and gruyere cheese and will top every type of soup you’ve ever had.


4. The Shepherd & the Knucklehead: Mozzarella Wedges

Shep Cheese Wedges

Swap the sticks for wedges, and you’ll have the ultimate cheese experience. Plus, there’s so much more surface area for cheese pulls!


5. Napoli’s: Baked Ziti

Napolis baked ziti

If I’m going to eat baked ziti, it needs to be bathing in cheese. Thankfully, Napoli’s always has my back. Their pasta dishes are loaded with cheese and ready for that perfect #cheeseporn pic.


6. Tony Boloney’s: Ay Dios Mio-Mac Pizza 


The only thing better than copious amounts of cheese is copious amounts of cheese paired with carbs. Tony Boloney’s puts their spicy mac and cheese recipe on top of a pizza and blows everyone’s minds.


7. Pizza Republic: Mac and Cheese

pizza republic mac and cheese

Mac and cheese is a pretty popular dish featured on many menus in Hoboken, but when is the last time you could say you had bacon cheeseburger mac and cheese or Mexican mac and cheese with jalapenos and crushed tortilla chips? Exactly.


8. The Ainsworth: Mac and Cheeseburger

ainsworth mac and cheese burger

When you’re looking to seriously indulge, the mac and cheeseburger from the Ainsworth not only has a scoop of their famous mac and cheese, but also a FRIED mac and cheese patty. More bang (and cheese) for your buck!


9. Fran’s: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese


Look no further for your next hangover cure. Fran’s BEC is literally BAE. Replace the American cheese with mozzarella and you’ll feel good enough to run a half marathon.


10. M&P Biancamano: Any Sandwich with Fresh Mutz

M&P Sandwich

This Italian deli is the defending champ of the famous Hoboken Mutz Fest, and rightfully so. They stack their sandwich with giant slabs of homemade fresh mozzarella that will satisfy all of your cheese cravings.


11. Sauced: Phil’s Choice Sandwich

Sauced mac and cheese

New to town, Sauced serves up a variety of crazy sandwich combos loaded up with *sauce*… and also ideal for when you’re *sauced*. However, there’s one sandwich that’s almost too good to consume drunkenly – Mac and cheese, pulled pork, fried onions, and house bbq sauce. We should all thank Phil for this one!

Written by Gab Cerami

Gab is a full-time desk jockey, but fuller time foodie. Born and raised in New Jersey, Gab made her way to Hoboken two years ago and has been on the hunt for the trendiest food scenes in the NYC area ever since. You can find her cooking her way through Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook (#gabandchrissy) and spending too much time capturing the right light to photograph a plate. Follow @brbcookingdinner on Instagram to check out all of her food pics and captions that include rap lyrics that replace the word “Yeezy” with “cheesy”.