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Shhh!: Speakeasy Themed Cocktail Bar Coming to Hoboken

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Scotland Yard is closed for good. We are now excited to announce what will be replacing the long standing establishment.

Beginning in the next few weeks, Hobokenites and visitors alike will be able to indulge in incredible cocktails while being immersed in speakeasy vibes unlike anything in the area. The Winston will be a refreshing addition to the Hoboken bar scene where anyone looking to have a great cocktail and perhaps even better conversation will be able to do so.

the winston hoboken


Inspired by Winston Churchill, the British phone booth out front will stay put. Not only will the outside fit to what Winston Churchill would like, but the cocktail menu will be catered to his life’s work as well. We are told the menu will include cocktail creations such as the “KBO (Keep Buggering On)” and the “Clemmy Mule” to pay homage to the Prime Minister.

Hector Noel, The Winston’s Head Mixologist, is the brains behind the cocktail concepts that will be sure to impress the guests with not only their taste and appearance, but with their flare as well.

We spoke to one of the owners at The Winston about what makes the new venue special and different:

It’s no accident we are creating The Winston inspired by none other than Winston Churchill. While being a very smart and hard working man in history, he also knew how to kick back and enjoy himself. The Winston will be the first speakeasy-esque establishment of its kind in Hoboken allowing guests to enjoy mixology based cocktails and have a fun time.

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Written by Adam Smith

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