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6 {Pro Spring Cleaning Tips} for Your Hoboken Apartment

Spring is quickly approaching, and it’s the perfect time to rummage through your apartment, do some serious spring cleaning and purge your place of all the things you’ve been hoarding this winter. For me, spring cleaning is more than just cleaning – I like to get serious about going through my clothes, reorganizing nearly everything in my apartment and even a little furniture rearrangement. I’ve compiled my best tips so you can spring clean like a pro.

1. Less is More.

Take the time to go through all of your clothes by emptying all of your dresser drawers and closet – this may sound time-consuming, but I promise it’ll be worth it in the end. It gives you the chance to look at everything you own (probably half of the things you don’t wear) and also refold and free up some space! Every time I’ve done this, I’ve ended up with an entirely empty drawer.


2. No Junk Drawers or Shelves Allowed!

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Junk drawers are for when you were 13 and had things like baseball cards and CDs. It is time to get organized. Target has a TON of cheap containers and bins you can pick up for all of the things you didn’t realize you needed a container for. Most importantly, it’ll save you a ton of space – and that’s a huge plus for anyone living in a small Hoboken apartment.


3. Check Your Dates.

How many of you have a ridiculous amount of canned food sitting in your cabinet or frozen foods in the freezer? Chances are, a ton of them have expired. Preparing for spring is the perfect time to get rid of all of those expired goods. Also, it’s helpful to see which foods you didn’t eat – don’t buy them again!


4. Ladies, Organize Your Jewelry.

Purchasing a jewelry-hanger (or even command strips) will literally change your life. For years I stored all of my jewelry in a box and spent most of my mornings trying to untangle necklaces. Hanging your jewelry is also a huge space-saver. It’s such a quick project that this one is a no-brainer!

5. Stock up on supplies.


Since you’re going through (basically) everything in your apartment, it’s helpful to pay attention to the small things you might’ve used up and not realized: i.e. first aid items, toiletries, travel necessities, etc. Go through your things, make a quick list, and hit up the nearest drug store to replenish.

6. Those places you’ve never thought about cleaning? It’s time to clean them.

If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time indoors in Hoboken during the winter. Whether it’s a wine and cheese night with your roommate or hosting a party with all of your friends, there are definitely spots that get dirty you’ve forgotten about. I mean, when is the last time you cleaned your oven? Break out the gloves and get ready to work. Key spots: oven, the top of your refrigerator/cabinets, bathroom tiles, and ceiling fans.

Written by Taylor Bilecky

When she’s not obsessing over Public Relations (her Monday through Friday persona), Taylor enjoys people watching, trying new things and attempting to taste every flavor of ice cream available. Born and bred in New Jersey, Taylor just signed her second lease in Hoboken and loves nothing more than a Sunday Funday. Taylor loves to meet new people and prides herself with her ability to talk to anyone – she is that person in the Uber who won’t stop speaking to the driver.