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Stepping Out of the Mile Square – Oh, the {Places You’ll Go in 2018}

A new year is upon us in the Mile Square! For some, January in Hoboken means drinking until you’re warm enough to go out in a belly shirt, and for others, it means participating in Sober January. Either way, you probably have some fresh new PTO days to take advantage of. It’s tempting to use those days for a nice little staycation in bed, but I’m here to tell you that it’s time to renew your expired passport, dust off your suitcase, and hop on a plane.

We are fortunate enough to live in one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Between the vast history, ridiculous food and bar scene, and insta-worthy views, it’s no doubt that Hoboken is an attraction in itself. But taking the time (and money) to step out of your comfort zone will allow you to grow a stronger appreciation for your 800-square-foot apartment. Getting away from the stress of work, relationships, and your daily routine will help remind you of what’s really important. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about a different culture and maybe even bring back a new skill or interest to integrate into your Hoboken lifestyle.

The world is yours to explore! I promise you won’t regret it. But no matter where you go, just don’t forget where home is. Check out some of Hoboken Happy Hours’ adventures outside of our favorite square mile.

1. Morocco


My favorite place I traveled to was the Sahara Desert in Morocco. The landscape was so insanely different from anything I had ever seen before — it was so vast! Our group rode camels through the desert to a campground where Bedouins cooked dinner for us and told us ancient tales around a campfire. We spent the night under the stars and then woke up early and watched the sunrise as we rode the camels back out of the desert.” – Cat


2. Greece


My favorite place I’ve traveled to was GREECE, hands down. We got to island-hop while there, and every island was different from the last, so we got to experience different types of terrain, culture, activities, and FOOD. Plus, riding a donkey up a cliff was on my bucket list (as was Greece).” – Amanda


3. England


My favorite trip was when I ventured outside London and went to Liverpool for a few days. I’m obsessed with The Beatles, and I got to see where they grew up, first played together, places mentioned in their songs, and sign the wall at The Cavern Club. On top of that, it’s a beautifully funky city, where the River Mersey meets the Irish Sea—and it’s socially acceptable to have a beer with breakfast.” – Britt


4. Italy


Italy is amazing for so many reasons, but the highlight of my trip was visiting Positano on the Amalfi Coast. I just felt like I was in a dream with the breathtaking views. And the food was, of course, incredible. You really have to go yourself to understand the feeling of being completely content just staring at the beauty around you. TAKE ME BACK.” – Krista


5. Mexico


2010 spring break in Cabo – fishing, drinking, hanging out with 5 of my best friends. We only had to pay for flights. The founder of Ticketmaster, Jerry Nelson, put us up in his hotel in Cabo since he was in the same fraternity as us. Yearly, he hosts Phi Kappa Psi members from across the country for a leadership conference. During a few of the days, we got to listen to some of the coolest speakers I’ve ever heard from – men and women at the tops of their industries – and learned some things I still refer back to today. Other days, we were free to explore Cabo, and every night they bussed us down to the main strip of bars. Jerry bought hundreds of beers for all of us and had tables reserved at Squid Roe and the other main spots. It was too much fun – literally – and we missed the boat we chartered and got there 4 hours late. Still went out for 2 hours and caught giant squid. So random, but so fun. A trip I’ll never forget.” – John


6. Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands

My favorite vacation spot is St. Thomas, because you can drink fruity drinks on the beach and get tan while being completely off the grid. You can also be active there with kayaking, hiking, snorkeling…and the sunrises are amazing.” – Lindsay


7. Peru

peru copy

I’ve been lucky enough to do some traveling over the years, but there is one trip I went on that I still don’t believe actually happened. In November of 2016, I spontaneously booked a trip to Peru with a coworker. It was my first ‘fit everything you possibly can in a hiking bag and go’ type of trip. I saw endless amounts of llamas, met people from all over the world, and most importantly, hiked Machu Picchu. Now that I type this it’s actually difficult to put into words how amazing of an experience it was. I learned that I was out of shape, spoiled with clean laundry, and so so lucky to get to visit one of the seven wonders of the world!” – Taylor


8. Spain


The food was as fresh as pulling out fish from the sea and putting it right on your plate. The culture was relaxed and laid back. The people were friendly and wanted to do nothing but help us out.” – Mike

Barcelona 2

My favorite trip was to Barcelona in September 2017. I speak a little bit of Spanish, so I liked the challenge of talking to people and reading signs and whatnot. It’s also just beautiful and warm, and having great food is always a plus.” – Kyle


9. Tanzania


Climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania was one of my proudest accomplishments. For me, the best part was being completely unplugged from civilization for 7 days. I didn’t have the option to text my friends or check up on social media even if I wanted to. It brought a sense of peace and allowed me to really focus on myself for the first time in a while. I came back to Hoboken with a parasite, a lot less Instagram followers on my food account, and a completely new perspective on the world.” – Gab

Written by Gab Cerami

Gab is a full-time desk jockey, but fuller time foodie. Born and raised in New Jersey, Gab made her way to Hoboken a year ago and has been on the hunt for the trendiest food scenes in the NYC area ever since. You can find her cooking her way through Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook (#gabandchrissy) and spending too much time capturing the right light to photograph a plate. Follow @brbcookingdinner on Instagram to check out all of her food pics and captions that include rap lyrics that replace the word “Yeezy” with “cheesy”.