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15 Ways to {Stay Busy in Hoboken} During “Coronatine”

Sick of being stuck at home in your small Hoboken apartment? Sad about the COVID-19 regularions across Hoboken and the State of NJ? Here are some ways to cope that we find helpful ourselves. 1. Read Start that book you’ve been wanting to start. If you don’t physically have it – find it on @audible and listen […]

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7 {Spring Things} To Do in Hoboken

As I was sitting down to write this article, it was snowing up to 24+ inches of snow outside my window, which TBH was making me want spring immediately. Unfortunately the Groundhog was right this year, but we’ve made it! It’s finally spring! Here are just a few things I am looking forward to now […]

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6 {Pro Spring Cleaning Tips} for Your Hoboken Apartment

Spring is quickly approaching, and it’s the perfect time to rummage through your apartment, do some serious spring cleaning and purge your place of all the things you’ve been hoarding this winter. For me, spring cleaning is more than just cleaning – I like to get serious about going through my clothes, reorganizing nearly everything in […]