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Hoboken Fitness That Fits You: Your Questions Answered By a Head Trainer

Waking up at 5am and going to the gym every day is such a daunting thought that even folks who were high school or college athletes scoff at the idea. Combine the stress of cooking, cleaning, caring for children, paying bills, having somewhat of a social life and, of course, working, and for most people […]

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5 of Hoboken’s Boutique Fitness Centers for a {Customized Workout Plan}

With the flip of the new calendar, many of us have set new year’s resolutions of hitting the gym more, running X amount of miles a week, or just being physically active to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have already reviewed some of the best gym deals for you, but there are also quite a […]

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15 Things to Avoid at the Gym {as Told by Hoboken Personal Trainers}

New year, new me, right? Or did you give up already on your New Years Resolution to hit the gym and be healthier? Don’t give up just yet, because there is still plenty of time to achieve your goals. Many times, people get frustrated with starting off getting into the swing of working out because […]

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7 Places to Go in Hoboken to Pass the Time in {Sober January}

Congratulations! Despite everyone’s eye rolls and trying to convince you otherwise, you still decided to go forth with Sober January. Being sober for a whole month can be a great cleanse for your body and mind. Your weekends will be wide open with more time for activities, and no more spending them laying in bed hungover. […]

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9 Thoughts We’ve All Had After {Waking Up from a Long Night of Drinking}

Your eyes open. Your head hurts. Your body feels like it’s been run over by a truck. And then all of a sudden, you realize you’re not even in your own bed. Or even your own apartment. What HAPPENED last night?? As you rack your brain to figure out what chain of events (and drinks) […]

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5 {Workout Classes} in Hoboken to go from Beer Belly to Six Pack

It happened this weekend – the first sign of warm weather after a long winter season. This type of weekend in February typically brings lots of joy to the Hoboken community. You go to your first rooftop bar of the season, cover your makeup from the night before with a pair of sunglasses, and buy […]

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Singles Guide to Valentine’s Day in Hoboken

For hopeless romantics across the nation, Valentine’s Day is the ultimate occasion to display one’s love and affection for their significant other. The rest of us are lamenting in our sorry, single state, wishing that we’d find that special someone to whom we can write ooey-gooey love notes and share an expensive dinner. This year, […]

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How to {Keep Your New Year’s Resolution} in Hoboken This Weekend

As we approach the 3rd weekend of the New Year we also enter the second half of January; a month full of self proclamations and qualities we assure ourselves we’ll adjust, all in the form of a resolution. According to, the most common resolutions made for 2016 were to enjoy life to the fullest, […]