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Whiskey on the Sham “Rocks” Pub Crawl

Get your tickets for the Whiskey on the Sham “Rocks” Pub Crawl! RSVP to guarantee a spot! Pub Crawl Stops (in order): Union Hall Brass Rail Morans Mulligans What’s included? Complimentary Irish Food at Union Hall Complimentary Desserts at Brass Rail. Traditional Irish Dance at Union Hall. Drink Specials at each stop. Kilbeggan beanies. Shamrock […]

bacon feature

Celebrate {National Bacon Day} 7 Ways with ‘Boken’s Best Bacon

December 30th is National Bacon Day! What a great way to end the year on a greasy note right before you start your “healthy” New Year’s resolution that won’t continue past week three of January. Not to mention, you probably need the extra grease as a foundation before drinking your face off the next day. […]

Joanne feature Cover Photo

VIDEO: Meet a True HHH {Reader-Turned-Contributor}

Hi guys! I’m Joanne. While I’m still relatively new to the Hoboken Happy Hours team, I’ve lived in Hoboken for almost 10 years and absolutely love sharing all my go-to places in the Mile Square. When I’m not producing Macy*s video magic at my 9 to 5, you can find me chilling on the back […]

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Lemme Upgrade U: 7 {Underrated Menu Items} in Hoboken

As I’ve learned from most of my ex-boyfriends, it’s very hard for some people to admit they’re wrong. You may think you already know the best menu item at every place in Hoboken, but how can you be so sure? Sometimes, we need to be reminded to expand our horizons and try something new. Here are […]

jukebox featured

Turn Up the Tunes: Hoboken Bars {with Jukeboxes}

Sometimes you want to go into a bar and let the music move you. Then there are times when you want to go into a bar and move the music. This article is about the latter. So grab your dollar bills and quarters (or in some cases just your smart phone) — it’s time to […]


Hoboken’s 13 Most Devourable Burgers {According to Team HHH}

Hooray, it’s National Burger Day! With so many types of burgers to choose from and so many restaurants in Hoboken that serve them, we bet you’re in a pickle. To get you out of that pickle, and to what’s on the plate alongside it, here’s a roundup of the most delectable, delicious, devourable (I know […]

photo booths, photo strip

Say Cheese! Your Complete Guide to {Photo Booths} in Hoboken

Every time I walk into a bar my eyes instantly scan the room, and laser in on the tell-tale rectangle box shape of a photo booth. TARGET ACQUIRED. I will make my way over there at some point in the evening, and I will take an embarrassing amount of photos. Photo booths are one of those small […]


16+ Hoboken Bars To {Cure Rainy Day Blues}

When it rains, it pours. Literally. Ditch the broken umbrella, cure those rainy day blues and hunker down at one of our local Hoboken bars. Here are 16+ bars in uptown, midtown, and downtown to drink the rain away. Uptown 1. Shepherd & Knucklehead With so many craft beers on tap (60 to be exact), you could […]

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The Perfect Pint: 5 Best Spots {For A Guinness} in Hoboken

Any Guinness drinker knows that their Guinness is more than just a beer. Whether it’s the iconic pint glass, the patented ‘double pour’, the thousands of cascading bubbles that transform the drink from a tan opaque liquid to the dark ruby red (not quite black) nectar of the gods. Guinness tastes best when enjoyed on […]

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