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The 4 Best Pizzerias In Hoboken {Plus a Bonus Slice!}

If the thought of someone saying “Let’s get some Domino’s!” repulses you, then you’re probably already well-acquainted with what makes a good pizza pie. (Hint: it’s not cheese-stuffed crust.) However, the abundance of pizzerias in this mile-square town can be daunting if you’re not sure where to even begin. And no one wants to be ridiculed for their poor cheese-topped choices. Lucky for you, I’ve painstakingly taste-tested several pizzas to find the best tasting pies in Hoboken.

1. Johnny Pepperoni

best pizza johnny pepperoni

Image: www.johnnypepperoni.com

When you’re looking for a casual Italian pizzeria to BYOB and gather with friends, grab some wine or beer and head uptown to Johnny Pepperoni.  With large round tables covered in red and white-checkered tablecloths, it’s the perfect place to eat family style. Try the Prosciutto & Arugula pie for a classic Italian favorite.

2. Blue Eyes

blue eyes hoboken

Image: www.blueeyeshoboken.com

If you’ve never considered pairing a delicious pie with the breathtaking Hoboken Hudson River waterfront, this is your time to try something new.  Blue Eyes café sits alongside Sinatra Park, and during either day or night, you can enjoy a beautiful view while you dine. These personal-sized pies are enough to fill you up or to share with the table.  Stop by to savor a classic Margherita pie or order something crazy and new off the in-house specialty menu!

3. Napoli’s

best pizza napolis

Image: www.napolishobokenpizza.com

The next restaurant’s White Pie alone precedes itself.  Pick up a bottle of red for BYOB and have a seat at Napoli’s for some brick-oven deliciousness.  With mozzarella, garlic, pepper and thick dollops of ricotta cheese, it’s not like any white pizza you’ve tasted before.  However, if you’re in the mood for something a little more eclectic, be sure to taste the Mediterranean Chicken pie. You won’t be disappointed.

4. Tony Boloney’s

best pizza tony boloneys

Image: www.tonyboloneys.com

With varieties like the Heart Attack (buffalo chicken, mac n’ cheese with bacon), Bangkok Boardwalk (a Thai chicken pie with peanuts), and the Pancho Franco (a chicken and avocado Mexican-style pie topped with jalapeno potato chips!), it’s hard to compare Tony Boloney’s with the more traditional Italian pizza shops.  That’s why Mr. Boloney takes the cake (pie) for the best novelty pizza in town. Head to 1st and Willow to try a pie or grab a slice.

Bonus Slice

basiles hoboken

Image: Yelp

If you’re only going to be grabbing one slice, maybe as you walk home from the bar – I mean – PATH station, head to Basile’s for the best wood-fired pizza in Hoboken. And if you’re not sure of the cross streets, you can find it with your nose, as it’s also the best smelling pizzeria in town.


Written by Amanda Eitzen

Amanda has been living in Hoboken for over 2 years and now fancies herself a town guru; generously imposing her bar and restaurant opinions on friends and strangers who never ask for it.  If you don’t see her at happy hour, she’s marketing software, sweating in some sort of fitness routine, or chowing down on delicious, yet healthy, foods.  (If the pizza slice has vegetables, it’s healthy!) Amanda is proud to be a born-and-raised “Jersey Girl” and is excited to share her Hoboken experiences.