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Village Pourhouse is Back!: Little Town Social To Close

Back by popular demand, Village Pourhouse will replace Little Town Social this Fall.

Just in time for Football Season, Village Pourhouse will be ready (again). The switch comes from consistent requests to bring back Village Pourhouse, so owner, Sean McGarr, took the feedback to heart and decided to make the switch.

Little Town Social will officially close for good on Sunday, July 31st. Renovations should take a few weeks, with Village Pourhouse ready for customers in September.

Sean McGarr had an excellent quote for us sharing his thoughts and emotions of why the changes occurred and much more:

To the readers of Hoboken Happy Hours,

I’m very excited to announce the return of the Village Pourhouse. The Village Pourhouse was a staple in Hoboken “Where  good friends gathered” and a guaranteed good time any night of the week. I get asked the question all the time as to why I closed the Village Pourhouse so I thought I would clear that up. My company was going through a merger with another restaurant group who dictated to us the type of venue that they wanted in place of the Village Pourhouse. With a sickening feeling in my stomach I made the decision to close the Pourhouse and I designed and built Little Town Social to the specifications of the merger agreement.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on who you ask the merger did not work out and I was left with a venue that was not part of my soul and in the end was a mistake by me not to follow my heart, and I’m sorry for that.

Now the Village Pourhouse was not without faults. After five years of full houses and thousands of happy drunk people and two major storms that flooded the venue, the Pourhouse was literally falling apart. The negative comments were the bathrooms are gross, the place smells, and is in need of a major renovation.

I’m happy to report to the great people of the city of Hoboken I will be closing Little Town Social Sunday and back by popular demand reopening the all new and improved Village Pourhouse in time for football.

We will be bringing back the original Village Pourhouse menu, our great specials, the pour burger,$1 drafts, karaoke Dan, all your favorite draft beers with the additions of local heroes like 902 brewing, Departed Souls and the NJ Brewing company.

I hope you’ll follow us on social media and celebrate with us at our opening.

Your friend,
Sean McGarr