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13 Ways to Enjoy Hoboken {in May}

1. Cinco de Mayo

cinco de mayo shep 2018Ah, Cinco de Mayo, the first holiday of May. Many believe that on the fifth of May each year, we celebrate Mexico’s independence, but this is false. We are actually celebrating the victory of the underdog Mexican army over France at the battle of Puebla. In America, this day has become a celebration of Mexican-American culture, and what better way to observe than with Mexican food and drink? This year marks the first ever Hoboken Happy Hours Cinco de Mayo Brunch Fiesta, at The Shepherd & the Knucklehead. You can get tickets for this all you can eat and open bar brunch here.


2. The Kentucky Derby

kentucky derbyAnother annual event involving lots of food and drinks is the Kentucky Derby. Widely regarded as the biggest horse race in the country, this derby is held on the first Saturday of May and is also synonymous with pastel colors and extravagant hats. You should be able to catch this at any local sports bar worth its salt, and since it’s on May 5 this year, it is twinning with Cinco de Mayo.


3. Memorial Day Weekend

Home of the brave.Memorial Day Weekend always represents the beginning of summer, and a season of relaxation and sun. While it definitely tends to be one of the most fun weekends of each year, it’s important to keep sight of what it’s really about: remembering those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom. Be sure to thank any active service members or veterans that you know, and even those you don’t know and may run into.


4. P13R

pier-13-crowd-birthday resizedLet’s be honest: this is the first thing you thought of when you saw the words “Hoboken” and “May”. Perhaps the spot most synonymous with Hoboken and warm weather, P13R opens ahead of Memorial Day Weekend each year (and we were lucky enough to sit out there in April this year)! An incredibly popular Hudson River waterfront spot, this establishment offers you unmatched views of New York City from bridges George Washington to Verrazano. If you want those warm weather, outdoor vibes without traveling to the shore or the city, this has to be on your list.


5. Outdoor Seating

kts group cb rooftop_600In the warmer months, Hoboken is lined from top to bottom with outdoor seating options, and many of them start putting out tables and chairs in May. Whether you want a view of Manhattan or Washington Street, you should have no problem finding a restaurant or eatery to give you what you’re looking for. Of course, we can’t forget about the city’s two rooftop bars: City Bistro and the Dubliner.


6. Afternoons at Pier A Park

pier aAs the temperature rises, so too does the number of people making the most of their Saturday and Sunday afternoons at Pier A Park. On this grassy waterfront park next to the Hoboken Terminal, you can find people sitting, laying, running, reading, and just about everything in between. You can make it the centerpiece of your entire day, or just a part of your walk or run. In any case, this is one of the best combinations of relaxing and socialization that Hoboken has to offer.


7. HHH Monthly Happy Hour at Black Bear

black bear monthly happy hour

Stayed tuned later this month for details on our monthly happy hour! Sure to include drink and food specials for all those who RSVP.


8. Ice Cream

bucket and bay caramel corn ice creamWhile the cold weather may not stop some people from enjoying frozen goods in any of the year’s 12 months, it’s hard to dispute that ice cream is most satisfying in some heat. It’s hard to keep track of all of Hoboken’s frozen good spots, so you may need to do a little exploring on this one. From Italian ice to soft serve, you can definitely find what you crave in the Mile Square.


9. Summer Fridays

hoboken terminalFor many professionals, companies begin their Summer Fridays on Memorial Day Weekend. This often means leaving work as early as 1pm on Fridays through Labor Day Weekend, and more time to enjoy the daylight, nice weather, and all that your city has to offer. You can get a jump on the Jersey Shore traffic, or enjoy a liquid lunch right here in Hoboken. No matter what you choose, enjoy them while they last.


10. Riding Bikes

bikesSpring and summer are great times to be outdoors, and that can include riding bikes. Thankfully if you don’t have your own bike, Hoboken has Hudson Bike Share stations throughout the city, and some bike lanes to go along with them. If you do go for a ride, you’ll probably want to ride along the Hudson River and – without getting too distracted – enjoy the view of the Manhattan skyline and a little bit of a breeze from the water. Besides, it’s National Bike Month!


11. Dog Watching

dogAlthough dogs have to walk year round, it does feel like you see more of them on spring and summer afternoons. Dog watching in Hoboken is one of this writer’s favorite past times, and it’s especially popular among people who don’t have dogs of their own. There’s no shame in posting up outside one of the city’s many dog parks and watching dogs interact with each other. If you can’t have one, picking out a favorite is the next best thing. You can also find a handful of dog-friendly bars in Hoboken, most notably the Ale House.


12. Outdoor Exercise

zog sportsIf walking and riding bikes isn’t enough outdoor exercise for you, there are a few other options. You’ll probably notice that at this time of year, running becomes a lot more popular. You can also find room to do core workouts or yoga in some of the city’s many parks, not-to-mention FREE exercising on the piers and under the Viaduct, offered by the city. Additionally, you can find several basketball courts throughout the city, including a new pop-up park in the city’s northwest corner around 14th and Adams. If you haven’t already, check out Zog Sports for weeknight sports leagues that are usually followed by trips to Willie McBride’s.


13. Water Sports

kayakAnother thing to consider is water sports. “Did he just say water sports?”. Yes, I did. Water sports. That includes kayaking, and riding jet skis and wave runners. If you’ve ever spent an afternoon at P13R, you may have noticed that right next to it are rentals for kayaks and other water vehicles. Resilience Paddle Sports is one worth checking out, and offers paddle boarding and kayaking, as well as yoga on the water.

Written by Kyle Evans

Kyle hails from Bergen County and moved to Hoboken in September 2016. He works at a PR and marketing agency in lower Manhattan. Off the clock, you’ll probably find him watching any one of his awful sports teams, getting lost in his headphones, tweeting (@kyle_evs), or sitting back and waiting to drop one-liners and dad jokes. Kyle is an avid fan of anything buffalo, burgers, and buffalo burgers.