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You’ll Never Guess What New {Mozz Sticks} are on {Tony Boloney’s} Menu

When it comes to Tony Boloney’s, there’s really only one rule: expect the unexpected. The innovative subs, pies, fries, wings, and everything in between is enough to make your jaw drop to the floor… and then rise back up again to properly consume it all. Well, prepare to pull your jaw from off the floor. Tony B’s has taken their mozzarella stick game to a whole new level. Let’s get down to business.

Original Pretzel Mutz Sticks™ — $10

pretzel mutz

The Outside: Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzel Crusted
The Inside: Super Creamy Homemade Mutz
The Sauce: Marinara Or Vodka
The Verdict: Awesome… like the first time a new friend calls you by your nickname.

Pesto Mozzarella Sticks™ — $12

pesto mutz tony baloneys

The Outside: Traditional Italian Bread Crumb Crust
The Inside: Homemade Pesto Mozzarella
The Sauce: Marinara Or Vodka
The Verdict: Awesome… like finding money you didn’t even know you lost.

Truffle Mozzarella Sticks™ — $12

truffle mutz tony baloneys

The Outside: A Light Panko Crust
The Inside: Homemade Truffle Mozzarella
The Sauce: Marinara Or Vodka
The Verdict: Awesome… like becoming a regular somewhere. (I think I’m pretty close to being a TB reg.)

Chipotle Mozzarella Sticks™ — $12

chipotle mutz tony baloneys

The Outside: A Mexican Spice & Lime Bread Crumb Crust
The Inside: Homemade Chipotle Mozzarella
The Sauce: Creamy Chipotle Sauce
The Verdict: Awesome… like seeing old people really get down on the dance floor.

Unicorn Blood™ — $15

rainbow mutz tony baloneys

“We invented it, a Unicorn died for it, you have to try it…
Rainbow Mozzarella Sticks. No dipping sauce, that’s just sick.” — Tony Boloney’s

You heard them. GIVE IT A GO!

Written by Krista Stucchio

Krista moved to Hoboken at the start of 2016 and works for a digital marketing agency in NYC. She is a social media enthusiast and food fiend with a passion for photography and fashion. You can typically find her scrolling through her (two) Instagram feeds or sifting through the racks of a funky thrift store. She is inspired by anyone who can whip up a great dish or style a killer outfit. See what she’s spooning on Insta: @hashtagfoodpic.