Your Hoboken Hangover {Cure of the Week}


In case you were unaware, Gatorade is absolutely critical to getting you back to feeling yourself sooner rather than later.

Your step-by-step guide to proper Gatorade consumption:

  1. The key move here is to grab the gatorades the day before.
  2. Get them (meaning more than a few) in the fridge before you go out so they are frosty for you upon arrival home.
  3. Drink one before bed.
  4. Bring one to your bedroom to drink upon waking up as you reconsider your questionable decisions last night.
  5. Have another in the fridge for when you’re finally able to get on your two feet again.

You might have already read our complete breakdown of the best Gatorade flavors last year, but we have an update for you.

Our 2016 Gatorade Flavor Rankings:

5. Fruit Punch

4. Orange

3. Cool Blue

2. Glacier Freeze

1. Lemon Lime

Have a different list? Let us know below!